Troubador A Brief History of Science with Levity

Released: 28/05/2015

ISBN: 9781784622954

Format: Paperback

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A Brief History of Science with Levity


In an attempt to highlight the severity of the appropriation and manipulation of science and technology, Mike Bennett investigates the history of both from a revolutionary new perspective. He takes a unique look at the combined history of science and technology, detailing examples of manipulation of ground-breaking science by the intelligence community. One such example is that of Wernher von Braun. When he was taken to America in 1945, it was kept from the general public that von Braun was a Major in the SS, reporting directly to SS General Hans Kammler, who had been using slave labour from the concentration camps to build V2 rockets. Kammler's achievements and the towering advances made by his group of scientists and engineers were truly ground-breaking and the security system that he put in place to surround and protect these operations was never broken. This marked the start of what we now refer to as black project operations, and the system has since been replicated worldwide. Focussing on the manipulation of technological advances, A Brief History of Science with Levity encourages readers to look more closely at the information disclosed to us about modern science. An extensively researched book, it is full of primary sources, ranging from leading politicians to leaders of rogue nations, diplomats to common thieves and billionaire heads of industry to beggars. This book will appeal to those interested in science and history.

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This is a totally captivating book. The interaction between sciences, international politics, religion and business that is revealed is fascinating. Not one for an intellectual light weight, but selected as a best read by BOOKS MONTHLY in July 2015. I agree with them completely.

by Mrs. J. L. Devereaux

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