Troubador White Dove School of Conduct

Released: 28/03/2016

ISBN: 9780993184604

Format: Paperback

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White Dove School of Conduct


This children's book mixes fact with fiction, offering a combination of learning and escapism, whilst focusing on the wellbeing and feel good factor for children. It covers the consequences of our behaviour. No matter how troublesome we may have been, we're still able to change for the better.

From across the land the most troublesome boys and girls are sent to White Dove School of Conduct. A school nested nicely between nowhere and somewhere on the outskirts of the little known country of Darkshire. The school is a place where those children who have been rejected are accepted and offered one last chance. Each arrives transformed into a different animal - from a penguin to an elephant, or even a snake.

For newly arrived Charlie Dee, it is all too much. Not only does he find himself at a school that is more like a zoo, with historical and mythological figures for teachers, but he must also come to terms with being a pangolin, and though it is natural for a pangolin to eat termites, it is not acceptable when that termite happens to be one of your classmates!

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