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Released: 01/09/2013

ISBN: 9781783060856

Format: Hardback

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The Little Book of Monarchs

English History with a Smile on Its Face


This is probably the most concise English history book ever published. Tony Boullemier has vividly summed up all 42 rulers of England since 1066. Each reign is condensed into five key bullet points and illustrated by a clever cartoon that sticks in the memory. It sorts out all those Edwards, Henrys and Georges – their major battles, the rebellions they faced and the bizarre ways many of them died.

For younger readers, aged 10 upwards, The Little Book of Monarchs will provide a chronological narrative, giving a firm foundation for future history studies. For students and older readers, it will be an indispensable reference book – a short and snappy aide memoire to our bloody and glorious past. For everyone, it’s history with a smile on its face!

Tony wrote this book as a response to the falling standards of history teaching in schools – he feels that less and less time is devoted to the subject and that children are often offered only two or three significant periods to study. He feels they are simply not getting a proper perspective, and hopes to address this by taking the reader chronologically through the ages.

The Little Book of Monarchs has become a big seller wherever it’s sold and wherever the author appears to give talks about it.
Numerous groups have booked talks and it’s being used in schools ranging from prep schools and primaries to public schools.
And one eight-year-old reader was able to put his teacher right with a question about the slightly obscure King William lV and supply him with some important facts about his reign.
Several Waterstones branches are stocking the book along with WHS Northampton and other retailers.
And numerous websites and bloggers are featuring The Little Book of Monarchs as a great buy for children and adults.
This bears out what TV historian Suzannah Lipscomb said before publication: "It's a wonderfully accurate and fascinating little guide."

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LEONIE and the last Napoleon is a novel set in France's Second Empire. When shimmering gaslights, artistic delights and racy nightlife made Paris the Capital of Light and Pleasure.
The Second Empire was created by Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, nephew of the first great Emperor.
After spending most of his life in exile, he seized his chance to return to Paris in 1848 when the mob overthrew King Louis-Philippe.
Louis Napoleon was elected as France's first president and in 1851 staged a coup d'etat to extend his four year term to ten years. The following year he was elected Emperor.
The author's great grandmother Leonie was brought up amidst this brilliant carnival atmosphere. But with it came danger.
Louis Napoleon’s policies caused the Empire to lurch from calamity to crisis as France faced overwhelming odds.

"Public scandals and private passions in Paris at its liveliest. A racy tale about a fascinating period."
RICHARD HOLMES, television historian and author.

"Historical hit. A riveting read"
KELVIN MacKENZIE, broadcaster and ex-editor of The Sun.

"Action-packed. A rollicking good read"
ASHLEY WALTON, royal author.

"Pacy, authentic and gripping"
PAUL TORDAY, author of "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen".

"Sweeping historical romance . . . swashbuckling saga"
VAUGHAN TUCKER, Northampton Chronicle & Echo.

"Incredible. A romp of a read"
JOHN MARQUIS, Evening Tribune, Bahamas.

"Gripping . . . political intrigue, bloody battles and a tender love story"

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The author is always pleased to talk to interested groups about the novel and the times it is set in. Please visit his website (below) for details of this year's programme and how to book him.

The Self Publishing Magazine, Issue 30

The School Librarian

This fun little book is such a great idea. It's so easy to check facts about British monarchs and you don't have to read pages and pages of detail to find what you're looking for. It's so simple and easy, it makes you wonder why no one has written something like this before. Every history student should have one for quick research. And I should think there are lots of adults like me, who will love delving into it too.

by Auntie Caro

I suspect a lot of my friends and family might be finding a copy of this book in their stocking! I have huge gaps in my knowledge when it comes to monarchs, and this has been a highly entertaining way to plug the holes! The cartoons are fun and the text is well written with facts that are interesting and easy to digest. I can well imagine my children using this as a handy reference for school work, too.

by PennyH

A facinating little book which is a very useful, and easy to read, introduction for children into the, very complicated, history of the British Monarchy. It should be a must for every grandparent looking for a stocking filer this Christmas.

by Ashley Walton

Long ago under the withering gaze of my teacher I struggled through English history with a frown on my face. How a classy guide back then would have helped me to distinguish between one Henry and another.
Tony Boullemier's The Little Book of Monarchs does just that in an inimitable style with the aid of some catchy cartoons.
From front to back cover, the book is punchy yet precise and the author is not afraid to have fun with the facts. It's a page-turner for young and old wanting to swot up on their kings and queens and it would be a handy aid in the classroom. And just to make sure you're paying attention there's a test at the end.
The Little Book of Monarchs is a crowning achievement!
Bill Reynolds, Daily Express journalist

by Bill Reynolds

Tony Boullemier

Tony Boullemier, born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1945, worked as a journalist there and in Fleet Street before starting his own newspaper group in Northampton.

He ran it for 14 years before selling it to one of the world's leading publishers.

He then freelanced, studied history and followed his many sporting interests.

He is married with two children.

His first book was a novel, Leonie and the last Napoleon, intriguingly based on his French ancestors.

His second title, The Little Book of Monarchs, is due out this summer. It's an illustrated book on England's kings and queens and promises history with a smile on its face.

Tony Boullemier

Emperor Napoleon III
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