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Released: 21/07/2017

eISBN: 9781788030045

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Being a teenager is hard. It can feel like there's always someone looking at you, or someone talking at you, to you or behind your back. Someone liking you, criticising you, teasing you, picking on you or daring you. It's a crazy time, but is the time of your life when you really find out who you are and who you want to be.

During this time, your friends are your world. They understand you, and you can tell them anything.…but what happens when all that changes, leaving you feeling lost and alone? When you’re picked on for being different, do you embrace your true self or withdraw from the world around you?

When no one else appears to have your back, that’s when you learn what you’re made of and realise the capacity you have to overcome the obstacles in your path. You must learn to be in charge of your own destiny and to recognise that the direction your life takes is down to you. Strength and resilience will lead you to where you want to be, even though it may often seem like an impossible task.

As the saying goes, ‘life is simple, it’s just not easy’. The choice is yours!

Absolutely fantastic read! Well written and really enjoyed it!

by Christine Allen

Great insight into what young people experience during the vulnerable years of forming their ID and way in the world. These experiences haven't changed over the years. While the book covers serious issues it also has wit and charm. Excellent name as the book alludes to it doesn't matter where you live so long as you are safe and welcome you are
'HOME'. Look forward to the next book and phase of Charlie's life.

by Mary

Thanks to NetGalley and Troubador Publishing for this book. At 14, Charlie faces many obstacles that teens face, but Charlie is caught in the ignorance of prejudice as she moves from England to Ireland. Shouldn't she feel safe in a Catholic school with nuns for teachers? Life is usually fun growing up, but the struggles she faces, like prejudice, sexual advances, and abuse, result in her making decisions which cause her to grow up strong and independent. This is a good book for women who are caught in a web of abuse and have trouble breaking loose. I enjoyed this book.

by Amy McNay

I got this book hoping it would provide some insight into my teenager. Boy, did it! But it also brought back many feelings I experienced myself as a teenager. My heart just went out to Charlie and I kept hoping for the best for her. This is a well-written book with good, believable characters. I am going to get a copy for my own teenager!

by Pamela Johnson

I enjoyed reading home, although it's very different to my own teenage years. This is a modern day story. It has many issues dealing with bullying, abuse & being left alone. It's also about friendship & making your own choices. A very well-written book that young adults or teens can relate to. I would recommend reading this book. It's a rollercoaster of a read.

by Virginia Dogar

Carrie Sherbourne

1979 May seem a long time ago but to me it seems like last month ! Now happily married and in my 5th decade with grown up children and grandchildren I finally ticked a box and wrote a book. I always said I would write a book one day! Having been one and raised several teenagers i feel it is a time of huge transition in a persons life. When raising my own children I would have always been mindful of the torture being a teenager can be but also how wonderful it can be discovering who you are. The good news is it gets even better. YOU become even greater. Greater equipped and greater skilled. You are on a continuem to a better self, better place better existence so keep going. Life's journey is not always easy and it had been difficult for me many times. The one thing I do each time is I make a CHOICE. A choice to stay down or to get up and begin again. I have always got up and began again. Even when I was very scared I would not let the fear stop me. I now reap the rewards of my choices in that I am surrounded by a wonderful husband and many children and grand children. My message to you.... enjoy your journey, learn from your mistakes defend your character and keep moving forward making good choices !

Home.... is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is
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