Troubador You brand

Released: 28/01/2021

ISBN: 9781838593575

Format: Hardback

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You brand


In You brand, Julia Goodman, one of the world’s top communication coaches, has written a unique and maverick manual for personal confidence. Drawing on her successful acting career, You brand lets you in on the secrets of her one-on-one coaching – a methodology she began to develop 30 years ago which is rooted in the psychology, science and techniques of the professional Theatre. 

Full of intuitive theory and practical exercises, this book will help you connect your head, heart and body to bridge the ‘perception gap’ – the gap between how you think you come over and how people can actually experience you. It will give you a whole new understanding and self-awareness and put you more in control in any situation where you may feel exposed, vulnerable and judged. 

You brand is about projecting and performing yourself, warts ‘n all. It isn’t about being perfect or liked necessarily, but about giving you the courage, confidence and ability to “be yourself – more – with skill” … it’s a life-changer! 

“You ‘remoulded’ me to be me, and made a huge and positive difference in my life. You stand out in my career as the person who made the biggest lasting difference. Thank you with all my heart.” 
Des Crowley, speaking as CEO, Bank of Ireland UK

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