Troubador Yes Please, No Thank You

Released: 10/06/2011

ISBN: 9781848766907

Format: Paperback

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Yes Please, No Thank You

Business Etiquette, Social Skills and Protocol


This book will give you the tools to develop the polish that generates presence, extend your sphere of influence and provide you with the basis to have a global impact. Whether you are a business executive interested in mastering the art of business networking or an entrepreneur who wants to grasp the etiquette of good business, ‘Yes Please, No Thank you’ will help you to master the etiquette ropes in business, society and cross-culturally.

Everyone needs some form of finishing touch in their lives. Like a Grand Marnier Soufflé still rising in the oven, most people are not there yet. Those who speak well may not necessarily be good with social graces. Some people have difficulties in figuring out the nuances of formal dinners or what to wear to such occasions. If you have therefore ever wondered about the difference between a ‘Black Tie’ and a ‘White Tie’ event, or if you want to know the essentials of ‘how to be a lady’, ‘how to be a gentleman’, and ‘the art of dining’ you will be served a full menu in this book.

For young professionals, a good degree is no longer sufficient to give the competitive edge needed in our rapidly changing, demanding and hyper-competitive business environment. Most graduates therefore require additional skills to differentiate themselves. Yes Please, No Thank you offers young people starting out in life simple but enduring ways on how to communicate with confidence and position themselves for success.

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