Troubador Winning in 2025

Released: 28/03/2019

ISBN: 9781789018066

eISBN: 9781789019681

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Winning in 2025

Digital and Data Transformation: The Keys to Success


Such is the pace of technology-driven change that companies around the world are scrambling to catch-up, to transform, to get up-to-date, reinvent themselves for this Digital age. FinTech, InsurTech, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Robotics, Cyber Security, Internet of Things…there’s seems no end to what new tech is generating and with it the substantial challenges, and opportunities, for every organisation.

How make sense of this mass of ideas, which ones to focus on and prioritise now and which can be left to another day? How to transform and change and capture the key emerging options, how energise and excite and empower teams and employees to embrace all this change and take advantage of it, what are the keys to success?

This new book sets out a possible roadmap and blueprint to help companies navigate their way through these changing times, it looks at best practices and lessons learned and aims to distil that into a clear set of guidelines and working advice.

There’s no easy answer and every company is at different stages on their transformation journeys, but if some of the ideas and insights here can be adopted and implemented it can provide the platform to succeed and be a winner in 2025!

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Michael  De Kare–Silver

Digital Insights 2020

Michael de Kare-Silver is a leading advisor in the digital, e-commerce and mobile arena, identifying opportunities for technology-enabled change and business growth through new strategies, go-to-market plans and team-building. He has been a senior board director for a number of leading companies: from main board at FTSE 100 company GUS plc, heading up, Experian and Burberry online through to successful start-ups and He has also been MD at major digital technology marketing agencies Digitas and AKQA, delivering innovative solutions for global brands. Today, Michael runs his own firm, which provides specialist advisory, consultancy and team-building support across Europe and North America, helping organizations map out their digital strategy, capture the growing multi-channel opportunity and then hire and build the best teams to deliver that.

Michael de Kare-Silver: Digital Insights 2020
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