Troubador Who'd be a Landlord?

Released: 01/04/2013

ISBN: 9781780885032

Format: Paperback

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Who'd be a Landlord?


Who’d Be a Landlord? gives invaluable advice to anyone thinking of going into the property business – and an insight into the huge amount of potential dangers that people currently in the business may not be aware of or have not previously considered. Author Dave Hall and his wife have built a property portfolio up from the ground which is today worth £2.1 million.?He is using his experience to help other investors avoid some of the situations he has encountered during his ownership of Property Finders?North East Ltd, of which he is the proprietor and director.

Unlike most books on buy-to-let or investment property guidance, Who’d Be a Landlord? dispels commonly held myths and opens prospective buyers’ eyes to the potential pitfalls of the industry. Everything in the book is based on actual events and experiences, and anecdotes are combined with essential facts and figures needed to inform potential investors. Chapters covered include essential information like Universal Credit, councils and rogue letting agents.

Who’d Be a Landlord? gives the nuts and bolts of buy-to-let and other essential advice for anyone looking to go into the business. It will help readers make an educated decision and assess if they are cut out for the business and is therefore ideal for those considering their first purchases, along with novice and self-managing landlords.

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Johnston Press

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It's so refreshing to read an honest and true account of what's it's REALLY like to become a landlord. There are too many day dreamers out there when it comes to property but Dave certainly isn't one of them. He pulls no punches and gives not only a true reflection of being a landlord but also what is needed to succeed in property. From working as a barman to owning a multi million pound portfolio and a highly successful lettings agency, if you want to get into property please read this book, it's true, funny and written from the heart, a great read.

by John Paul - Director of The Castledene Group

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