Troubador Vincis

Released: 28/02/2019

eISBN: 9781789019599

Format: eBook

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The Art and Science of Winning


After 21 years of running a company dedicated to helping clients win, Nicci Take shares her secrets to sales, presentations and winning business. Able to turn their average client from winning 1 in 3 sales pitches, to 3 in 4, the m62 I vincis process is an invaluable presentation revolution.

A lot has changed in sales since Nicci entered the business almost 30 years ago, when she was the first sales rep in her team to own a mobile phone, and the sales floor was a competitive mess of alpha-male egos. Sales has become more cooperative, more feminine, and Nicci has changed with it. Vincis: The Art and Science of Winning is a comprehensive look through the m62 I vincis method for presentations, and Nicci’s personal experience in public speaking of all kinds, from Eulogies to stand-up. It uses a combination of hard science and years of presenting experience to produce a simple but revolutionary guide to presentations and public speaking. The book also contains the current version of m62 I vincis’s Objective Quality Standards, a rigorous set of rules based in cognitive psychology that guides every decision made by M62 in a presentation.

Covering every step in her process, from honing the right message to effective and impressive design, Nicci explains, in simple terms, what she’s spent decades learning. This book will appeal to all, from the beginner to the expert who’s still willing to pick up tips.

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Nicci Take

A sales professional for 28 years and a stand-up comic for 5, Nicci has a unique outlook on presentation. When she learnt sales, in a competitive, commission driven company selling IT, it was a very different world. Sales was a short process populated by aggressive, young alpha-males.

Presentations have evolved, and so has Nicci. That final 'close' is now not enough, and Nicci has found that a more nurturing, feminine approach is necessary. As sales have changed, so has she, transitioning at work to help foster a more motherly role.

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