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Released: 01/07/2012

ISBN: 9781780881867

Format: Paperback

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UP Is Where We Go From Here

The essential survival guide for the small and growing business


Up is Where We Go From Here is the essential guide to setting up your own business. Written in a clear, concise manner it’s full of practical advice which has been set out in an easy-to-read A-Z format, taking you on an alphabetical journey through the key issues in new business start ups. From Accounts to Contracts, from Marketing to VAT, this book will be your guide as you take the plunge and set up on your own.

In this book Robert Stell touches not only upon the practicalities of running and developing a business, but looks at the mindset of someone who wishes to be successful as well. This is not a ‘get rich quick’ manual, it is more of a ‘how to survive’ manual. The attrition rate for small businesses is high, but with this book you can avoid many of the pitfalls.

Up is Where We Go From Here is the indispensable companion for your start up journey.


Business Executive Magazine

If you are the sort of prat who likes to read self improving books so as to be able to quote back large chunks of jargon heavy text during dinner parties to appear clever, then this is not the book for you. That is because it is lucid and beautifully free of any jargon, business-speak, catch phrases, buzzwords or latest argot. And its funny. In fact it covers, comprehensively, the fundamentals of starting up in business whilst retaining a humane perspective. And yes, whilst business is a serious business the author recognises that a sense of humour might be required along the bumpy path of getting your enterprise off the ground. But don’t be fooled. This is not a tongue in cheek, novelty publication, uniquely it offers straightforward, realistic and insightful advice on what to expect in the first months of setting up a new business in a most engaging way. Perhaps that is because the author clearly speaks from experience, which may be the most valuable of all commodities in commerce. Well, after large amounts of cash at bank perhaps. But, as a start-up you are unlikely to have that. So, instead, read this

by Andrew James

I just started a small business and was pretty clueless so my bank manager gave me this book. It is small, compact and free of *bs, which is why I liked it so much. Yes some of the stuff is obvious but it is useful checklist as you are starting out. I also had a few 'light bulb' moments where I realised I hadn't thought about an issue or an action. All in all I think it is a key read for anyone starting out that wants reassurance and an easy read!

by Alexandra Cockle

"Up is where we go from here" is a refreshing and easy to read guide for any new or young business. It is set out in such a way that is it almost a little "moreish " - you sit down to read it and end up wanting to finish it - when you are on P you wonder what will happen at Q - the book is unusual in that it is jam packed full of information for the new business owner yet it is good fun . Of course the matter of making money and being successful is a serious one to all who have their own business however few authors manage to write a book about this subject matter with a sense humour and without all that boring business jargon ! Well Done to Robert Stell - a motivating read.

by Lisa Wintrip

As a Regional Manager for Santander Business Banking I deal with an abundance of start up businesses and I have found this book an honest representation of what new businesses need to think of.

The part about “bankers” I do not necessarily agree with (obviously) however the rest is absolutely essential reading for those thinking of going it alone.

R Stell is both knowledgeable and experienced and this really shines through in his writing as does his light hearted sense of humour.

Overall a good book packed with essentials!!!!

by Dave Cockle

If you have ‘set up shop’, or are thinking of doing so in the next 18 months, this will be a good, fun, practical but also thoughtful read for you. Even though personally I’d worked in one of the ‘big 4’ for years before I set out, there were certain aspects of running a business that I didn’t fully appreciate. This book will save you all those ‘bits and pieces’ phone calls to your accountant about stuff you may feel that you should already know: or it will guide you where to go get information and gather your thoughts, make a list or focus your questions before you make your call. Although they may be deemed as personal comments, you may appreciate the paragraphs on attitude, such as ‘C… is for Comfort Zone’ are as much an essential part of business as the accounting and administration ‘nuts and bolts’ and it’s great that Robert has included these. Obviously the book cannot cover everything in great detail otherwise you’d be purchasing a tome(!) but it’s a great place to start.

by Francesca Lubenko

Robert has been my accountant for as long as I've run my business and has basically guided me through every step I've taken, this survival guide is pure gold! I read it cover to cover, and read it in Robert's voice (is that weird?) There are a few things in there that I still need to action (being a creative I'm not so good at the academic side of things) but I would advise anyone to buy this book that's starting a new business, the advice is delivered with humor and it's understandable in what I like to call 'plain English' Rush out and buy a copy now and get started on your new venture, it's the best thing I've ever done and I have no regrets!

by E. Davidge

Having morphed a business from consulting to marquee hire to farming, Robert had every right to point us in the direction of a new accountant. Instead, time and time again he has cut through complex issues and provided concise, informed advice always with a sense of humour. ‘Up’ is the same – wise and witty advice. If you know someone starting up their own business buy them this book!

by F&J Speers

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