Troubador Transforming your Risk Management Approach

Released: 01/06/2013

eISBN: 9781783069644

Format: eBook

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Transforming your Risk Management Approach


Risk is probably one of the most underrated activities there is and yet it is something we do, personally, all the time, whether it is crossing the road or buying shares in a company. If, as a society, we continue to make rules and regulations to take the place of risk then we fail to give people a fundamental skill they need to succeed in life.

The risk approach outlined in this book is not only effective but fun and deemed by all to be worthwhile and will transform the way you look at risk whether you are an individual looking at it from a personal risk perspective or an organisation looking to get better results.

The Advanced Power State is about a state of being that you can achieve and was written through those 25 years picking up practical knowledge working with very senior figures across many different industries.

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David Tinney

David Tinney started working developing skills in people over 25 years ago working specifically on Management and Leadership. David was Managing Director of an electronics manufacturing company for over 9 years and a group director for a further 3.

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