Troubador The Secrets of Successful Coaches

Released: 01/06/2011

eISBN: 9781848769182

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The Secrets of Successful Coaches

10 Steps to Develop a Winning Business Mindset


Every year, thousands of people train to be a life, business or executive coach but struggle to make a living.?Although attracted to the profession, they are forced to give up as they cannot find enough clients to pay the bills. Even great coaches can not create the business they crave without the skills to run it successfully. The?Secrets of Successful Coaches is essential reading if you are struggling with setting up and marketing your business, attracting and converting fee-paying clients, raising the profile of your business and communicating the benefits of your service, getting motivated and increasing your self-belief and making enough money to run a successful business.You will find 10 easy-to-follow steps to develop a successful business, learning from 11 top performance coaches who share some of the mistakes they have made and learnt from.?You’ll also benefit from the proven techniques they have developed to make their business a success and get outstanding results. Find out how to save time and money, learn the skills to run a successful business, develop a winning business mindset and turn your passion into profit.The?Secrets of Successful Coaches is for new coaches who are in the first 12 months of running their business, and those who want to improve their business success. Karen is inspired by a large number of authors including Dawn Breslin, Hannah McNamara, Michael Neill and Gladeana McMahon, who were interviewed for this book. She also takes inspiration from Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Stephen Covey.

"At last – someone who walks the talk! Someone who’s been there and done it! Someone who’s not only learned from the best – but taken the lessons, honed and polished them by application to create a system of success for coaches – a system that works!" - Peter Thomson

"Karen’s book is a must read for anyone with aspirations to be a successful coach" - Wendy Dashwood-Quick

"Karen Williams has her finger on the pulse of the coaching business today. This is a long-awaited and valuable resource for newly qualified coaches." - Lisa Rossetti

"Karen's own success is a testament to the contents of this book. She has lived and breathed the material herself, and it works" - Richard Scott

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Karen Williams

Karen Williams is a qualified coach and NLP Master Practitioner. She has run a successful coaching business since 2006 supporting individuals to transform their career and find a job they will love.

She also works with new coaches and NLP Practitioners to create a successful business and turn their passion into profit.

With a background in hotel management, Human Resources and training, she regularly contributes to newspapers, magazines, local TV and radio.

Karen Williams

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