Troubador The Road Map to Higher Performance

Released: 28/05/2016

ISBN: 9781785891755

Format: Paperback

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The Road Map to Higher Performance

for SMEs


After working with more than 3000 owner-managers of small and medium sized businesses over the last 20 years, it became clear that the same four aspects were the principal causes of serious business issues in over 80% of the companies with which we worked. It also became clear that although these managers worked extremely hard and were very good at day to day operational management, they had little time for, or guidance on, identifying and tackling the seen and unseen strategic challenges facing them. Asked the following questions: is your business growing at the rate you would like?, are your staff performing to their full potential?, are your processes as efficient and cost effective as they could be? are you entirely happy with the way things are Everyone answered “no” to at least one question. The Road Map is designed to help the lonely entrepreneur challenge his or her business motivation and objectives in a way they might not be prepared to do openly and then build a tightly focused strategic plan to achieve them. The Road Map to Higher Performance is not a race. It is more like a treasure hunt where those who take their time to fully explore their environment and plan their progress accordingly, will find the treasure they seek!

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