Troubador The Public Sector Fox

Released: 28/01/2016

ISBN: 9781785890581

Format: Paperback

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The Public Sector Fox


To succeed, the modern public sector manager must be as a multi-skilled fox, able to face range of challenges in multiple environments. Theirs is a world of high expectations, demanding outcomes and little money. It is a world of partnerships with businesses and charities, of disruptive technology, and of real-time communication with the users of public services. It can also be the most exciting and rewarding world in which to work as a manager. The Public Sector Fox identifies and teaches the skills that managers need to thrive in this world. The advice is drawn from the authors' 30 years of combined experience working at dozens of central government departments and hundreds of local authorities, as well as with schools, colleges, universities, jobcentres, regulators, inspectorates, police forces, prisons, the military and with MI5. Marcial Boo and Alexander Stevenson have seen the public sector at work first hand, from presenting to the Prime Minister in Downing Street to managing training programmes for the unemployed in East London. From strategy, planning, finance, communication and people management to the skills of resilience, perspective and commitment, The Public Sector Fox provides valuable, hard-won tips and guidance to new and established public sector managers, and acts as a vivid reminder of what you can achieve by working for today's public services.

The Guardian

This is a very well written book and guide to being a better public sector manager. As a management trainee, it's been brilliant to learn all the 'tricks of the trade' before stepping into a position of responsibility. I can safely say that I will continue using this book as a useful guide for many years and would recommend it unreservedly to anyone interested in being a great public sector manager.

by Lusi Manukyan

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