Troubador The Leadership Secret

Released: 01/03/2013

ISBN: 9781780884608

eISBN: 9781780886497

Format: Hardback/eBook

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The Leadership Secret

Be the difference that makes the difference


The Leadership Secret is the result of over 20 years of studying leadership, experiencing leadership and leading. Using real life examples as well as meticulous research, it takes the reader on a journey of self-awareness and encourages them to experiment, giving practical advice on how to apply the book’s wisdom. Throughout are anecdotes pertinent to the author’s development and lessons learnt. These stories also serve as metaphoric examples in order for the reader to understand issues most suitable to them. The use of language and structure is key to the book and the author has taken a major influence from his training as an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer.

Though the book has a military slant due to the author’s training and experiences, it is accessible and relevant to anyone who finds themselves in a leadership role that is interested in developing their leadership skills – not just business leaders. Every parent, uncle and aunt is a leader. The features most likely to appeal to buyers are the real life examples. The lessons taken from these examples lead to practical self-application tools, which maximise potential. A number of inspirational quotes are included to help the reader to fully take on the message. The book shows that leadership is simple and easy to apply, bypassing the endless waffle on leadership and highlights what really matters. It will appeal especially to those new to a position of responsibility who are looking for assistance, and will also help when training mangement staff, both in the private and public sector.

“Aspiring leaders will gain much from reading this book”
Colonel Tim Collins

“Chris does a masterful job of distilling the intricacies of leadership down to a
critical truth: “There isn’t good or bad leadership…You are leading or you are
not.” This important truth forces people to look at their approach to leadership
in a very honest light. He also encourages everyone to view themselves as a
potential leader because, as he reminds us, you do not have to be the best at
any particular skill to excel as a leader. Most importantly, Chris reminds us
that the evolution of our world has led us to a place where the keys to leadership
in business as well as the military include flexibility, the freedom to maneuver,
and mutual trust between leader and followers.”
Lisa Petrilli
Chief Executive Officer, C-Level Strategies, Inc.
Author: The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership

“The Leadership Secret provides practical lessons in leadership that can be
applied immediately to improve your personal performance. Chris synthesizes
the lessons learned under stressful leadership situations and applies them
practically to today’s business environment. Every reader will extract
immediate value and can use this as a reference to continually hone their
leadership skills.” 
Martin Coyne II
Founder CEO Learning Network

“If you want to be a leader or an even better leader then this book is for you.
It is an easy, interesting read, gets to the heart of what leading people is all
about and will leave you reflecting on how you are as a leader and give some
clear steps to take to lead more effectively.”
Graham Franklin
Director, Blue Chip Pharmaceutical Company

“Leadership has never been about the rank, the position you hold, the title you
wear, time in grade, where you are in line, nor where you sit on the totem pole.  

It is always about the example you set. When you set an example for
others to follow, people take notice. And you have made a difference. 
Chris shares with you his extensive experience from the British military to clearly
emphasize the responsibility we all have to be great leaders for those around us.  
‘The Leadership Secret’ is an excellent go-to for the person who cares
about developing a style of leadership that affects everyone, in all walks of life,
for all the right reasons.”
Keni Thomas
Author, Get it On! : What it means to lead the way

“A fresh view on the importance and key aspects of leadership. Statements are
brought to life by contemporary examples, often with a humorous touch, which
makes the book even more enjoyable to read. The linking of military and
business experience with own leadership skills and knowledge provides a solid
guide for what leadership is and should be about.”
Gudjon Karason
Director, Global Orthopaedics Company

“If you only ever read one book on Leadership, make sure it’s this one.”
Kevin Godlington
Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

“In this book, Chris brings to life his secrets of leadership in a typically
understated, straightforward and engaging way. His stories and experiences
in what, to us mere mortals, seem like extreme circumstances, put in perspective
the drama often created in the corporate world and give you practical ways to
help you cut through it.”
Ben Houghton
Director Use Your Noggin

“Without doubt the best book on Leadership there is!”
David Gillespie
Actor and Co-founder of The Speechworks


Director, April

Lisa Petrelli

Couldn't put it down. Read it from cover to cover in one go. His approach is simple, practical and believable and has left me feeling immediately equipped & ready to be the best version of me.

by R.Butler

Major Chris Whipp

Chris is an accomplished coach and a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer. A graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, he spent nearly 17 years as an officer in the British Army, rising to the rank of Major as a senior instructor and display pilot on the Apache Attack Helicopter. His vast experience of leadership in high pressure situations and calmer climes, combined with his aptitude for training makes him an ideal candidate to impart such valuable knowledge without complication.

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