Troubador The Good HSE Book

Released: 28/09/2018

ISBN: 9781789015157

Format: Paperback

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The Good HSE Book


The Good HSE Book is a complete guide to the process of creating a practical and implementable HSE Management System applicable to projects in the oil and gas industry.  

Your HSE professional is required to fulfil legislation, demonstrate compliance, discover risk, develop processes, plans and procedures and be self-accountable. He also has the job of bringing together everyone from the most senior manager to the most junior employee in service of “Good HSE”, for each person has a part to play. 

The Good HSE Book chapters take the reader through all the stages of HSE Management system development. How to define system structure and populate. The activities needed to fulfil regulations. The tools and techniques to use that enable understanding of risk. It provides examples of required processes, plans procedures and explains their implementation.
Most importantly, through application of coaching techniques, it provides the means to encourage participation, motivate actions and gain understanding of roles, fundamental for HSE success. After all, to understand the consequences of getting it wrong, simply refer to the Piper Alpha disaster from which we learned so much.
Controversially, it provides guidance for recognising the traits of those people who can jeopardise Good HSE. This may be due to out-dated ingrained beliefs, laziness or that they simply don’t want to take part. The inclusive coaching techniques may gain their alignment but if not, a consciousness of the problem will inevitably promote appropriate action. 

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