Troubador The BD Handbook for Lawyers Part Two: Pitch Perfect

Released: 01/08/2013

ISBN: 9781783060306

Format: Paperback

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The BD Handbook for Lawyers Part Two: Pitch Perfect


With increasing amounts of legal work being put out to tender and with clients choosing to select panels of firms, law firms need to get better at pitching for work. This handbook offers a rigorous yet workable approach – one which is based on twenty years of experience working on pitches.

Pitch Perfect provides a disciplined, pragmatic framework with guides and checklists to offer practical help. It is designed to help practitioners – lawyers – learn how to be more effective at pitching and serves as a handy reference guide in your desk drawer in case your BD team are busy – or if you feel you need some extra help or a second opinion.

The emphasis is less on the theory (though there is some) and more on the practicalities of pitching. The approaches contained within this book will help stimulate a steady flow of new and profitable work.

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