Troubador Taming the Pound

Released: 01/12/2011

eISBN: 9781848768444

Format: eBook

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Taming the Pound

Making money your servant, not your master


Taming the Pound tells you everything you always wanted to know about handling your money. The book is designed to help you gain control of your money, instead of it controlling you.

Whether you want to be able to talk about money with your partner, determine what you really want from your money, understand your spending habits or simply get a sense of financial control, Taming the Pound is a must read for creating success in life and work during the post credit crunch years.

Using his unique experience as a qualified financial advisor, chartered and registered occupational psychologist, and qualified coach, author Kim Stephenson uses his consultancy experience to help people who want to get rid of their money worries and enjoy their lives. Using straightforward language, humour, cartoons and mixing current research with experience and anecdote, Taming the Pound provides the ultimate ‘what you need to know’ guide for the person who does not have knowledge of, or interest in, complex finance. It explains both the real workings of the marketplace and the social and psychological influences at work on you when it comes to finances.

So how do you make sensible decisions about finances and make money work for you? Read this practical, inspirational book, and then lend it to your bank manager!

Kim Stephenson is unique, he’s qualified and has practiced as both a psychologist and financial advisor. An accredited coach with over 25 years' consultancy experience, his website helps people handle money. He’s appeared in The Guardian and FT, Financial Solutions, Therapy Today and on BBC radio stations and at numerous conferences.

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