Troubador Summer Skool

Released: 28/06/2016

ISBN: 9781785892363

Format: Paperback

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Summer Skool

Pupils – 40 ways they’re good at being bad


Parents - what are your children really getting up to in school?

Teachers - puzzled by pupil behaviour? This book might explain everything.

Such mischief! To express the frustrations many teachers face with heavy workloads, seemingly ineffective behaviour policies and inadequate support from school leaders, retired teacher, Edmund Irons, provides a new and amusing twist on classroom behaviour in this work of comic fiction.

At the outlandish Summer Skool, it's the pupils that learn how to manage the classroom - using 40 specially-designed 'tactics' to slow down lessons and stress-test the education system.

Light holiday reading for all teachers and parents, Summer Skool warns readers new to teaching in a humorous way of the pupil antics they can expect during their early years.
NEWTs, TOADS, Silent Assassins and Awesomes - titles you may never have heard of before, but they are all there in YOUR school. And watch out for the Snitch and Snatch, the Bell Rush and the Ultimate SloPro Combo.

An eye-opener to anyone outside the profession and unfamiliar with a teacher's daily grind; behind Summer Skool's whimsical approach to school politics and policies lies the serious argument that today's newly-trained teachers face tremendous workload pressures - pressures that currently result in 30% to 40% of new teachers quitting the profession within 5 years.

Whether you are new to education or have seen everything a class can throw at you (quite literally in some cases), the secretive world of the Summer Skool is here to amaze and amuse you. Read on and be ahead of the game - the game your pupils are playing.

Summer Skool - It's an Education.

The author is currently writing a series of mathematical adventures for younger readers.

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Edmund  Irons

Former PR copywriter.

After 25 years in industry the author switched careers to teach secondary school mathematics. Flabbergasted by the ways schools operate, he created the outlandish Summer Skool using humour to express the frustrations with behaviour and heavy workloads he and many teaching colleagues face.

Aimed at fellow teachers - a light approach to a serious issue affecting teaching today.

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