Troubador Strive

Released: 28/10/2018

ISBN: 9781789014792

Format: Paperback

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Unlocking Agility and Unleashing Talent in a Digital World


Are you currently helping organisations to navigate digital transformation and disruption?
Are you leading your organisation towards a digital future, in an intensely competitive, uncertain market?

Strive is a book written by a business psychologist with over twenty years of experience, primarily for consultants, coaches, trainers and human resource management professionals. The book will also resonate with leaders in business who appreciate rigour, academic grounding and authenticity over hype.

Dr Kiran Chitta reviews much of the existing literature on organisational and leadership agility. In addition he shares a profoundly personal perspective, anchored in his life and work. His case material is reflective and authentic. It will resonate with those who are looking for inspiration, honesty and actionable principles derived from real work. The book provides a compelling and usable model for agility which is explored in depth.

Covering the most recent academic literature, the book points the way to the agile future of work in a digital era.

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