Troubador Stop Advertising Start Branding

Released: 28/06/2016

ISBN: 9781785892509

Format: Hardback

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Stop Advertising Start Branding

How to Build the Brand that will Build your Business


Traditional advertising doesn’t work any more. Even Samsung, with a marketing budget of US$14 billion a year, is seeing profits plummet and smartphone sales decline sharply. The world has changed, and throwing money at the problem isn’t going to be the answer. For the global giants aiming to dominate SE Asia’s fast-growing markets, this is dreadful news. For the local and regional companies that are fighting to beat off the invaders, the end of the era of mass market advertising offers a wealth of new opportunities. What matters now, above everything, is building a strong, durable brand, based on great customer relationships. And the key to that is what you do, not how much you spend. Marcus Osborne demonstrates how many organisations can cut their marketing costs by up to 50 per cent yet still achieve better results: ‘Take your money,’ he says, ‘and put it back in the bank.’ He gives practical guidance on all the fine details, from retraining staff to deliver an unforgettable experience to collecting the right data and how to use Facebook and other tools to build a brand that will guarantee a profitable future. Written for CEOs and government servants keen to communicate more effectively with citizens, Stop Advertising Start Branding draws on Marcus’ vast experience in the region to show how SE Asian companies can use the new tools provided by the internet and social media to engage and win customers and keep those customers coming back to their brands. He demonstrates how many organisations can cut their marketing costs yet still achieve better, more measurable results.

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