Start Up Forever

by Sahar Hashemi
Released: 28th March, 2019
This book is about how to think and behave like a start-up when you’re not a start-up. It’s made up of 10 Rules which are a very straightforward and common sense answer to the sticky question of how to encourage entrepreneurial behaviour in large companies.

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“In the face of disruptive change, how do we become more agile? More resilient? More open to change?” “How can we grow big and still act small?”

As the relentless pace of change forces established organisations to re-think their cultures, these are the questions keeping leaders up at night. 

 In Start-Up Forever, Sahar Hashemi throws out the excuses that have previously stifled entrepreneurial behaviour in big companies. She believes big companies acting like start-ups is neither unattainable, nor complicated. Its simple, intuitive and in fact very human.  

This revolutionary new manifesto distils the author’s decades of experience as an entrepreneur and top thought leader into a simple actionable toolkit that breaks through out-dated habits and shifts organisations – whatever their sector, industry or size – towards a more entrepreneurial mindset, one person and one behaviour at a time.

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