Troubador Selling your pharmacy for all it's worth

Released: 28/04/2015

ISBN: 9781784622411

Format: Paperback

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Selling your pharmacy for all it's worth

The guide to selling your community pharmacy business


Owning a pharmacy can be a stressful business... selling one can be even more so. Anyone who owns a pharmacy will, at some point, start to think about selling it. This is a huge step and one of the most important a pharmacist is ever likely to make. Since most pharmacists only sell a business once it is something they need to get right first time. Selling a pharmacy can be a minefield for the uninitiated, yet many pharmacy owners approach the task with a frightening lack of focus, and with little forethought or planning. A sale is rarely straightforward and many potential deals fail due to a significant lack of knowledge on the vendor’s part. Selling your pharmacy for all it’s worth gives a unique insight into the sales process and its many pitfalls. In this original guide, one of the UK’s leading experts, Anne Hutchings, provides an inside view of how a pharmacy business should be valued, how buyers are found and how a sale price should be agreed. She guides the vendor carefully through the mountain of work that will be required on the way to completion. “If this book serves to prevent some pharmacy owners from making poor decisions and losing substantial amounts of money when selling their business, I will have achieved my goal,” explains Anne.

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