Troubador Networking Thoughtfully

Released: 28/02/2017

ISBN: 9781785899256

eISBN: 9781788032223

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Networking Thoughtfully

The 30 Minute Read That Could Change Your Life


Networking Thoughtfully is a short guide for people who need to build relationships, but do not know where to start. Martin Wheadon takes readers through a step-by-step process to help achieve positive results.

The reader is provided with over thirty thoughts and clever remedies to boost their confidence and communication skills. Although the book has been written with businesses in mind, Networking Thoughtfully can also be used to aid and abet personal development, as learning how to start conversations is beneficial when meeting new people, regardless of the circumstances. Networking Thoughtfully draws from Martin’s own experience of developing a successful marketing facility, called the High Tea Club.

Wheadon provides clearly-written advice in a conversational tone, encouraging the reader to believe that he understands their anxieties and talks from personal experience, using examples to illustrate the guidelines provided. The book also provides space for the reader to write their own thoughts or answers to various tasks suggested by the author. It is a book that can be read in parts, or as a whole in only half an hour.

Networking Thoughtfully will appeal to readers of all ages particularly those that are new to networking or want to improve their skills. It will also appeal to businesses and organisations looking to improve networking skills.

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I like positive self-help books, that are practical.

Networking Thoughtfully by M. Wheadon is a good example of that type of book. A quick read, because it does not contain any fluff and gets right to the point, yet it is jam packed with information and practical exercises. Structured in small thoughts, it emphasizes on the mental strategies one should not only imply during networking but before and after each event, in order to maximize the result, one gets from it.

I love how the Author mentioned that a positive approach, via a positive attitude, is an essential component to successful networking.

The multiple exercises presented are easy to follow along, and effective, and so is the advice
For example “Thought Eighteen” focuses on practical steps of how to remember the names of the people in the networking event, and while each step is easy to follow along, it is important and helpful advice for someone like me, who has problems remembering names (I don’t have that problem with numbers, but names are just one of those things, that take extra effort to stick with me).

Also, I love the 10-Meter rule, which basically teaches you to leave any failure behind rather quickly, instead of carrying it with you.

While this book is not an incredibly in-depth networking book, I think it is very useful, serving as a reminder about what we mostly have already been told, but rarely practice. It puts the rules of positive networking back into a framework, where it is easy to grab the information and re-read it whenever you are approaching an event that is important, or as it is in many cases for an introvert, might make you nervous or anxious.

It is nice to have a little book that in a compact space, showcases the importance of a positive attitude in combination with a little bit of preparation can accomplish.

by Claudia Blanton

Helpful pocket size book to dip in and out of for people finding themselves aloft in a world that is increasingly connected in terms of technology but seemingly diminishing in human physical connectivity.

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