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Released: 28/01/2017

ISBN: 9781785898501

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Meaningful Conversations


A holistic overview of the essential leading methods of techniques and a hands-on guide for business professionals and those in higher education. Communications, strategy and business development and growth are essential for success and profitability in the business process and are all topics that businessman Geoff Hudson-Searle covers in his essential new tome, Meaningful Conversations.

Readers will gain insights into these themes and many more topical subjects, including a wide range of tips, models and techniques that will help to build strong and effective solutions in today’s business world. The terms ‘communications’, ‘strategy and business development’ and ‘growth’ have become overused during the last decade and have become devalued as a result. In this book Geoff aims to simplify these terms and to re-value management and leadership by addressing topics and subjects in each distinctive chapter, and in an accessible way. 

Meaningful Conversations is divided into these three key areas to make it easy to find the material you need. Each chapter within the three components relates strongly to each other but is also interrelated to all the other chapters. It is suitable for entrepreneurs who might not be sure of the path to take or who want to benefit from other people’s mistakes and failures. Other audiences include middle management or junior executives who are looking for a fascinating life story of courage, drive and inspiration, as well as graduates and college students, who will find information that will help prepare them for their careers.

I have just finished the final manuscript of my fifth book, "Purposeful Discussions" and sent it to my publisher, Troubador Publishing.

Jeremy Thompson and Hannah Dakin are truly excited to be working with me on book number three through their publishing house, I must say working with Troubador has really been a seamless process, a truly great and committed team.

Hannah recently quoted 'Geoff is back with a brand new book, 'Purposeful Discussions' which is divided into three sections (Communications, Strategy, Business Development and Life Growth) making it easier for readers to locate the material most relevant to them.

The book has been written in the hope to help individuals have a better understanding on a range of subjects - whether that be those who are a part of a company/organisation, to students and any aspiring individuals. It's always a pleasure to work with Geoff and at Troubador Publishing we very much look forward to working with him again on, 'Purposeful Discussions'

I have produced a new video: 'The Pathway to Purpose and why my new book 'Purposeful Discussions'

We have arranged an exclusive event on March 19th 2020 which incorporates the launch of the book in Central London, I am looking forward to introducing our distinguished guests to "Purposeful Discussions"!

"Purposeful Discussions" has been written as a natural next step to 'Meaningful Conversations', across four of the most passionately debated subjects in business and life today:

Communications, Strategy, Business Development and Life Growth.

In February 2014, I set out as an author with my first book, 'Freedom after the Sharks' to write a weekly blog across a variety of subjects and foremost about people in business, opinions, research and tips, advise on some revelations, past and present.

"Purposeful Discussions" is now my fifth book in a series of books that provide purpose-driven outcomes in support of some of the most talked-about subjects in life today. This book demonstrates the relationship between communications (human 2 human), strategy and business development and life growth. It is important to understand that a number of the ideas, developments and techniques employed at the beginning as well as the top of business can be successfully made flexible to apply.

This book provides a holistic overview of the essential leading methods in these areas. It can be viewed as a hands-on guide or as one person described in an Amazon review from my last publication 'Meaningful Conversations': 'What makes a book remarkable, useful and meaningful for professionals? Well, read (not only once) Geoff's masterpiece and you will understand. This book is my "win book" from so many aspects'.

Each person, no matter their age, occupation or place in the world has a tremendous story to share. A vast tapestry of experiences, truths & pearls of wisdom lies in the vault of the mind, waiting to be unlocked. It takes the slightest intuitive spark to get us talking about our inner lives, the details and dynamics of being human. We are all aware of how important technology is in our lives and keeping our individual worlds connected.

We need to explore new and creative ways of listening, engaging, working together, learning, building community and being in conversation with the other. We are more connected than ever through technology and at the same time the disconnect with ourselves, others and our environment is growing. We need Purposeful Discussions to help us reconnect, going beyond our egos and our fears to build strong relationships, communities, networks and organisations, so that through collaboration we can begin to co-create a more sustainable future.

Readers will gain insights into topical subjects, components of Communications, Strategy and Business Development and Life Growth, including a wide range of tips, models and techniques that will help to build strong and effective solutions in today's business world.

As Richard Cohn once said:

"Our lives are measured in choices we have made along the path we call living, each compass point, a possibility, each step, an opportunity, seemingly random, each decision moves us inexorably in a direction both unknown and yet somehow familiar for upon reflection, the strength we find in choosing, or the surrender of letting all unfold leads us to the place we started from when we made that first choice to be here again."

The book, therefore, covers all the essential components of Communications, Strategy and Business Development and Life Growth, but ensures that they are described in an engaging, enjoyable way with clarity.

I'm truly excited to share the new book covers with you! Jeremy and his committed team at Troubador Publishing have been amazing, and working hard on delivering the final book, not only across the design, content and editing the book, but also by putting the sales-pages ready!

Purposeful Discussions will be available in e-book/kindle, paperback and hardback formats.

Writing has changed my life. I have always believed that it is your right to speak truthfully in all matters that concern you and to speak from the heart.

It has been an overwhelming experience to receive emails and phone calls from people across all walks of life wanting to share their experiences, their story. Entrepreneurs, business people, students, children, and universities and charitable causes have approached me for keynote sessions, general advice, and inspirational leadership.

I have been overwhelmed with inquiries but will continue to expand and express the journey that each and every one of us deserves.

Every audience has a different dynamic, a different rhythm, and a different reaction. The audience wants, needs, and expects pertinent, real-life information to enhance and support their lives and importantly what they're facing. I believe it was my destiny in life to push things to the limit. You only get one chance to make an impression. I gave blogging and writing books every opportunity I had of the events that took place for what I believed to be right and true.

In life you survive. You move on but with a purpose and now 'Purposeful Discussions'

I will be making periodic updates on the progress of my new book, and invite you to read my new tome on its release.

I do hope my book will provide you with a better lens to understand the opportunities and challenges ahead, that you feel better able to chart your course for change and fulfilment of your dreams, desires and aspirations.

Lady Wimbledon

Huffington Post

I was really attracted to the name 'Meaningful Conversations' this book is very comprehensive, well written and articulates many subjects that effect today's new world. It is really hard to distinguish which section of the book was my favorite chapter or verse as the three sections really charged and challenged my thinking, but possibly communications; building a life of happiness and success, the two dimensional world and finally the value of three dimensional communication will definitely resonate with me for some time to come. I enjoyed the book immensely because it touched so many subjects in today's world that we do not necessarily address, with in depth knowledge and supported by measured research, I am sure I will find myself returning to the book for a second read. Whether by chance or cleaver distinction the author has captured the essences of the majority of the changing world we live in, an incredibly interesting read, even for the most modest of readers.

by R. Britland

What makes a book remarkable, useful and meaningful for professionals? Well, read (not only once) Geoff’s masterpiece and you will understand. This book is my “win book” from so many aspects. Meaningful Conversations has given to me a lot of practical and theoretical solutions for developing my communication skill and my attitude in business life. I enjoyed every part of the book not only because of its comprehensiveness but because of its well-written style. Great job!

by Susanna Toth

Absolutely fantastic book, insightful and well written. It is a must have for businessmen, entrepreneurs and graduate students.

The author uses his experience to re-evaluate key business concepts. We all need to reconsider our take on business communication and strategy. This book was really worth the investment!

by LadyDonia

What a wonderful author Geoff is, insightful insight and so so so good for what I need out of life.

by Amazon Customer

Must read for any business professional developing a strategy for their company!

by Neil Alphonso

Brilliant approach to communication in today's business as well with everyday life. This book should be used in business courses for it touches every aspect of human relations skills which many people lack. As an International Business Major myself, Geoff has much to offer for students, professors, entrepreneurs and upper level management. Impressive book! Worth my time and money.

by Mary P.

Meaningful conversations is a brilliant follow up to Geoff's first book Freedom After the Sharks. Although it is quite different Geoff's passion and commitment are clearly present!

by Mark F Herbert, author of Managing Whole People

Geoff Hudson-Searle

Geoff is a serial business advisor, CSuite Executive and Non-Executive Director to growth-phase tech companies. Rated by Agilience as a Top 250 Harvard Business School authority covering; 'Strategic Management' and 'Management Consulting'

Geoff has over 28 years of experience in the business and management arena, he is author of 5 books 'Freedom after the Sharks', 'Meaningful Conversations' and 'Purposeful Discussions'. More recently he was asked to write a chapter as one of 11 thought leaders contributing to 'Journeys to Success Volume' and 'God in Business'. He lectures at business forums, conferences and universities and has been the focus of TEDx and RT Europe's business documentary across various thought leadership topics and his authorisms.

A member and fellow of the Institute of Directors, associate of The Business Institute of Management, a co-founder and board member of the Neustar International Security Council (NISC) and a distinguished member of the Advisory Council for The Global Cyber Academy. He holds a Master's degree in Business Administration. Having worked for corporate companies Citibank N.A, MICE Group Plc, Enigma Design, MMT Inc, Kaspersky Laboratory, Bartercard Plc, and RG Group around the world, Geoff has vast international experience working with SME and multinational international clients.

International clients with which Geoff has worked include the British Government, HP, Compaq, BT, Powergen, Intel, ARM, Wartsila Group, Atari, Barclays Bank, Societe Generale, Western Union, Chase and Volvo. Geoff has worked in a broad range of industries including software, technology and banking which has given him a range of different experiences and perspectives of what can work, the importance of good people, process and how these can be applied and amplified to deliver results in different scenarios and paradigms.

Geoff is known for bringing in a fresh viewpoint and sometimes challenging the status-quo with a strategic approach delivering successful change management programmes and launching companies and products internationally that deliver results. Geoff's areas of expertise lie in brand strategy, business communications, business integration, business development and improvement, capital raise activities, pre-IPO planning, capital raise transactions, M&A with full P&L responsibility, which ideally equips him to strengthen global companies, develop SME and international business, and marketing strategies.


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