Troubador Master Business Actions from the Bible

Released: 31/07/2017

eISBN: 9781788030250

Format: eBook

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Master Business Actions from the Bible


This unique thought provoking book demonstrates that in order to improve performance, business has a lot to learn from Christianity. Practical timeless business lessons learned from Jesus of Nazareth are given as profound business management insight for today’s discerning executives and entrepreneurs.

It’s structured in an exceptional way which analyzes an aspect of Jesus’ mission and then proves how that aspect solves common business problems executives and entrepreneurs of today are contending with. The book illustrates the same timeless principles being applied in a simple Zimbabwean rural village. Demonstrating how the African village system also survives and thrives anchored on those sound widespread business principles. Business applicable sayings and examples derived from personal experiences living in an African village expounded in the book unequivocally reinforce universality of the transformational business insights. In a crescendo each chapter concludes by corroborating Shona African village proverbs with Proverbs in the Bible to underscore significance of these principles to today’s business environment. Although proverbs were written a long time ago this book illustrates their relevance as gems critical for today’s top-notch executive and entrepreneur. Because all humans are alike, you will be amazed to discover some of the illustrated principles and proverbs also present in your own culture. The book is tailor made for life changing through suggested action items strategically placed at the end of each chapter so that you can in reality put into practice each given business action.

Since this is a strategic action book you will be required to practice what you read. This personal part of the book is there to ensure that it adds life changing value to you personally as you serve your life purpose. If you mean business, whatever your mission in life is then guaranteed this book will help you tremendously on your transformational journey.

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