Troubador Life After Oil

Released: 28/08/2020

ISBN: 9781838595029

Format: Hardback

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Life After Oil

The Survival Predicament of the Gulf Arab States


The Gulf Arab states became rich by accident. Their golden ticket was oil, which has become the lifeblood of their social and economic systems. But they are prone to become a ‘vanishing Eden’, if the oil curse endures further and economic transformation remains a mirage. 

LIFE AFTER OIL highlights the economic vulnerability of the Gulf states after the oil party ends. The region depends heavily on imports financed by petrodollars. So, when demand for oil sinks and prices plummet, or when oil and gas reserves ultimately vanish, their survival will be extremely challenged. 

LIFE AFTER OIL raises the alarm to the impending survival challenges to face the burgeoning Gulf societies in the post-oil era, and tackles the ultimate question: what will the future look like?

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Mirza H. Alqassab

- B.A. (Economics), American University of Beirut (AUB), Lebanon, 1973.

- M.Sc. (Economics), University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A., 1975.

- 40-year professional career (1975-2015): covered the oil industry, money and banking, academic teaching, and managing businesses.

- Countries worked in: Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi (UAE), Malaysia, Singapore, and Egypt.

- Retired from business in 2016.

- Enjoy reading and writing; as well as gardening.

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