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Released: 15/06/2016

eISBN: 9781785897023

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Innovation Unplugged

30-Minute Innovation Advice For Managers


Drawing on over two decades of experience, this book brings hard-earned insights into how innovation can help your business to grow. It will appeal to managers who are pressed for time but want practical tips on how to innovate smarter and faster. 

Innovation Unplugged is not the standard 250-page business book. It can be read in 30 minutes. It is free from complex innovation models and generic regurgitated content. 

Chapter 1 discusses the importance of profitable innovation and why it must be led and supported from the top.

Chapter 2 highlights the vast range of innovation options available to help a business to grow. 

Chapter 3 contrasts different types of innovation and digs deeper into long-term growth through eight helpful questions. 

Chapters 4, 5 and 6 provide advice on how to set up major innovation programmes to deliver the right results, and how to address common pitfalls. 

Chapter 7 shows how to remedy a blind spot in management meetings that could be costing your organisation millions in lost opportunities. 

I’m on a mission to make innovation more effective by ‘unplugging’ from the hype, confusion and gobbledygook that are so prevalent today. It’s why I wrote this ebook and entitled it Innovation Unplugged. 

I hope Innovation Unplugged provides valuable insights for your business and that the 30 minutes of reading is time well spent.

Gerard Harkin talking about Innovation Unplugged:

Innovation Management

'Innovation Unplugged offers nice gems of wisdom, thoughts and structure for innovation, in a concise manner. I see a huge amount of value in exposing both senior and junior staff as well as emerging technology innovators to this type of content, to achieve a succinct common ground for an approach to innovation. It’s a powerful quick read.'

by Stephen Murphy, Software General Manager, Wood Group Kenny

'Innovation can be a frustrating thing; it’s very elusive when you need it most and tricky to navigate when you feel you have it. Innovation Unplugged guides you through key aspects of innovation that make it workable and efficient!'

by Paul Cartlidge, Marketing Manager, Advanced Glass Technologies, Johnson Matthey

'All too often I have seen companies so taken up with technology that they miss the point of innovation. This book is a handy reminder of what innovation is all about. A periodic 30-minute read of Innovation Unplugged would help businesses greatly.'

by Robert Rutledge, Global Vice President Baby & Toddler Food at Hero Group

'With clear and concise insight and excellent examples throughout, Innovation Unplugged enables managers to think differently about innovation and new ways to add value. It provides extensive transfer of expert knowledge in an accessible way – an excellent read.'

by Jim McLoughlin, Director of MBA, University of Brighton Business School

'Innovation is a key differentiation capability that organizations and teams alike need to master to grow and succeed. Innovation Unplugged is an easy and recommended read for anyone involved in innovation. It provides helpful advice on how to setup innovation programmes, using a sequence of steps to guide teams working on the "inspiring plan B"!'

by Francisco Melo, Vice President and General Manager Global RFID Avery Dennison

I run a small biz and even though its not aimed at SME's - there's plenty of relevant insights in this book and its an easy read - highly recommended

by Cathy McGovern

Easy to read, well written, no nonsense book giving excellent insight into business and new product/process innovation. Highly recommend it - even for those of us involved in multiple large R&D projects and business/supply chain innovation it's worth standing back and reviewing how we do things every now and again. This is a very worthwhile 30 minutes.

by Niall OHearcain, CEO Silansys Semi

I was really impressed by the Innovation Unplugged book. The wisdom in it is timeless, and the format is so simple. It is almost impossible to read it and not have the main points sink in.
It is a great book for any leader or manager to have on their annual reading list because it is so quick to go through it. Or, if you want to have your innovation management team read a book together, I think this would be a great start.

by Patrick Foley

Hooray! Gerard Harkin has distilled his considerable understanding and innovative approach to innovation into a succinct and simply written e-book. In it he provides a clear and concise guide for time-short managers regarding what to do, what not to do, and what to watch out for.

Although it can be read it just 30 minutes (!!), I found it most helpful to pause here and there, especially at each chapter’s ‘reflection’ section, to contemplate the material as it relates to my own experience. Even with the reflecting time added, it’s still a short read, making it particularly handy as a primer for the whole team.

Although Innovation Unplugged is written geared for managers of medium to large companies, the insights Gerard Harkin brings our attention to here are malleable, and applicable to smaller organisations of all types, as well.

by Evan Root

This book brilliantly rationalises the innovation process by presenting each stage clearly and concisely; the result makes for a rather enlightening read.

by Paola Butler-Zanetti

Innovation Unplugged does an excellent job of demystifying the innovation process. It covers a lot of ground and delivers truly actionable advice throughout. Well worth a read!

by Dan

Very well written, it does a great job in demystifying innovation.

It is easy to grasp and thought provoking regardless of level of knowledge and years of experience. The reflection section is very effective in making the reader consider how the lessons could apply to their company.

Packing all these features in a format that can be read in 30 minutes makes this book a must.

by Alexandru Iancu

This is a great no nonsense read for anyone interested in big business innovation. Finally a book that is to the point and doesn't drag out a single insight endlessly like so many regular business books. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for really practical tips to make innovation happen.

by Tim

Great entry point for readers - particularly those new to innovation - a quick, clear and concise read.

by Tony Peck, Peck Partners

I work with business teams planning and delivering innovation, and I would say this book is an essential and highly digestible read that will increase the chances of success for any new innovation project you are planning.

by Robert Brand

A great innovation read that deviates from the norm. Harkin brings his extensive experience to the fore with lots of interesting and insightful real life examples. A great, succinct read for any innovation professional with many lessons applicable to the wider business sphere as well. Well worth a read.

by Jesper Ekelund

A well written book, which offers great advice without the hype and jargon surrounding Innovation

by Nirali

Key innovation principles distilled in one easy read

Innovation Unplugged succeeds in its aim to advise managers on how to innovate smarter and faster. Most books on the topic are full of jargon and complex detail. They often bog down managers with approaches that are too complex to implement.

Harkin distils what, for many, is a bewildering subject down into seven principles to drive growth through innovation. In each chapter he explains the principle and actions to take to get better outcomes. He brings things to life with relevant personal experiences and examples from the real world. Every chapter finishes with key take-aways and questions to reflect on.

It's a simple, practical guide, full of good advice, that you can digest in one reading.

by D Pannozzo

Nowadays there is no alternative, every single business MUST come with innovations for their own sake or they risk to compromise their survival, as simple as that. Gerard offers on Innovation Unplugged a very straightforward view on how to manage innovation in any kind of setup or business size. Very well written and touching key concepts of managing the innovation process. It's a must read for every business owner / manager interested in keeping up with the current business environment.

by Daniel Garcia

Innovation made easy

A nice approach to Business Innovation that is impactful, easy to digest and most importantly memorable. The book challenges the reader to reflect and stimulate ideas. With key takeaways, the points effectively bring the message home. It's great to read something this user friendly and accessible. The case studies were up to date and relevant rather than dated examples.

by Cathal Prendergast

Gerard Harkin

Gerard Harkin brings over two decades of experience in business innovation gained in both consulting and commercial roles. During this time he has worked across a variety of industries with many organisations, helping them to innovate successfully.

Gerard’s expertise lies in leading strategic innovation initiatives, defining new propositions, and holding innovation workshops. His unique approach combines skills in ideation, innovation and facilitation, using strategic and commercial tools to help clients innovate smarter and faster.

Before starting 3inno Ltd, he held senior consulting roles at Edengene and Synectics Europe and had a long career at Philips Electronics in their R&D and business divisions, where he worked in the UK and the Netherlands.

He holds an MBA with distinction from the University of Brighton, and a BSc in electronic engineering from the Dublin Institute of Technology. He is a Fellow of the RSA and a Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Gerard has written over 70 articles on innovation and is a co-assignee of fifteen issued US patents. Since 2008 he has been a visiting lecturer on innovation management for the University of Brighton’s MBA programme, and for the past five years he has helped a local school with its entrepreneurship programme.

Gerard Harkin

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