Troubador How to Run a Business Without Risk

Released: 28/06/2017

ISBN: 9781788037129

Format: Paperback

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How to Run a Business Without Risk

The Truth Revealed about Business Risk


Do you want to run a successful business, but are unsure how to go about it? Do you find you are encountering more problems than you thought? How can you identify, and most importantly prevent, the most common risks to your new business? How to?Run a Business Without Risk features sound business advice from interviews with industry experts, which will help small business owners avoid many of the pitfalls that come with the first few years in business. Written by Vladimir John, the founder of Meriglobe, How to?Run a Business Without Risk details the tried-and-tested methods for best avoiding risk, in accessible language suitable for the novice businessperson. This book gives the help you need to spare your company from possible future problems, ranging from minor issues to those that are more serious such as bankruptcy or economic crises. It also equips you with the tools you need to deal with obstacles as soon as they arise, which could potentially lessen their impact on your company.

This was an easy to follow read regarding questions about setting up a business and how to tackle risks. It had a lot of insights and knowledge imparted to the readers that won't bore or even mire them into a lot of technical jargon. I found it useful and it helped me translate business matters into everyday language. I think the interview format helped in making sure that it doesn't become a boring business book for beginners.

by JG Baldos

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