Troubador How To Protect Your Bottom Line From Your Advertising Agency

Released: 01/03/2012

ISBN: 9781780880785

Format: Paperback

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How To Protect Your Bottom Line From Your Advertising Agency

And make advertising your most valuable asset


This book is a brutally frank exposé from behind the scenes of how hubris and self-serving behaviour has caused many of those working in the advertising industry to lose the plot – with disastrous consequences for those who invest in advertising.

In concise chapters, John Oldfield poses questions as to why so much advertising fails and offers answers to those questions. Has the world of advertising become so self-absorbed that effectiveness and results have become side issues? Why can one ad campaign be a miserable flop, when another for the same product in the same circumstances can drive sales through the roof? Have visuals grown to dominate advertising to the point where words are now a dying art?

The decision to choose one advertising campaign rather than another is a massive responsibility – it can literally mean the difference between triumph and disaster. Should such an important decision be left to instinct? If not, what judgemental criteria can be applied to minimise the risk of failure?

How To Protect Your Bottom Line From Your Advertising Agency is essential reading for CEOs, business owner operators and anyone else investing in advertising. It points out the traps that can result in a wasted advertising budget and explains why advertising agencies are part of the problem – rather than part of the solution.

Just what advertising users have been wanting for! Great, love it.

by justine

In 1969, a creative in the advertising agency business became a household name with a bestselling blockbuster that treated the chaos and insanity of the ad biz with humanity and razor sharp wit. His name was Jerry Della Femina and the book was From Those Wonderful Guys Who Gave Us Pearl Harbor, still selling briskly and often cited as part of the inspiration for the incredibly popular TV series Mad Men.
Now John Oldfield has emerged to do him one better for today’s industry in How to Protect Your Bottom Line From Your Advertising Agency (and make advertising your most valuable asset).
He writes with a distinctive voice and wit that reflect his years of experience and talent as a Chief Creative Officer of some of the biggest agencies in the world, but combines them with some of the sharpest strategic insights I have ever read. It’s like having an account planner, a copywriter and a CEO in one package whispering in your ear the things most agencies don’t want you to hear while making you smile in the process.
It’s written in bite-sized chunks and peppered with telling anecdotes made to order for senior management. But it’s also accessible for the general reader.
This could also become a runaway best seller, and in any case should be a must read for anyone who is truly concerned with advertising productivity – certainly one of the 10 best books I know of about advertising.

I can’t wait to share it with my colleagues and clients, particularly Fortune 100 CEOs.

by Robert Largen, former President of Longbow Consulting

What a great book! Written with passion by a well respected, creative man whom I had the pleasure to work with in Asia. This is concise, honest, tells you as it is, no beating around the bush and gives you an open picture about the advertising world. An eye-opener to those who don't know and a wake-up call to those that do. Good on you John!

by Carina

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