Troubador How not to Plan and Eat Your Greens

Released: 28/08/2018

ISBN: 9781789018004

Format: Paperback

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How not to Plan and Eat Your Greens


To celebrate ‘50 years of Planning’ APG has published two books in 2018 and now you can buy them both together and save £10.

How N̶o̶t̶ to Plan is the latest APG Planning handbook and will be an invaluable guide to younger planners and strategists. Written by Planning and Effectiveness Legends Les Binet and Sarah Carter, it is a How To guide to the whole process of planning a campaign.It includes key questions to ask at every stage, lots of best practice examples and the marketing and strategic wisdom that underpins the most important planning principles.

It’s loosely based on the Planning Cycle and is grouped into themes that are important at different stages in the process, covering everything from how to set objectives, the 4 Ps, research and analysis, to briefing, creative work and media and effectiveness. It should offer trusty guide to any problem that crosses your desk in the first years of your career.

At the end of each chapter you’ll find a simple 2-minute checklist for how to do it better, a short case study showing how it’s done brilliantly, a space for your notes and further reading for the intellectually gifted…

APG published Eat Your Greens in the Autumn of 2018. It is a collaboration with Wiemer Snijders and is a collection of articles written by 35 experts in marketing and communications. The brief to the contributors was to take marketing science as their start point and show how they apply it or get inspiration from it. Essentially we’re talking about the importance of using the latest fact-based marketing thinking to do a better job – hence the reference in our title to healthy eating – and the need to counter hype and brief, gossamer trends with more systematic applied thinking.

The list of contributors is long, various and impressive. It includes Mark Ritson, Kate Waters, Byron Sharp, Helen Edwards, Paul Feldwick, Richard Shotton, Sue Unerman, Phil Barden, Tess Alps, Peter Field, Wiemer Snijders, Bob Hoffman, Faris Yakob and other authors you may not have heard of but have brilliant contributions to make. Each author has a written on a subject they feel strongly about and on which they have a lot of useful ideas to contribute; the application of BE to advertising, short vs long term thinking, the fallacy of being obsessed with comms and digital toys; the fact that long term thinking needs to be female and 30 more fascinating subjects.

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The curator and editor of this book is Wiemer Snijders, partner at The Commercial Works. The APG would like to acknowledge Wiemer who had the inspiration for the book and has worked tirelessly to make it happen.

APG is a not-for-profit organisation run for and by its members: primarily account planners in advertising agencies, but increasingly the wider community of communications strategists. We believe in the importance of excellent advertising and communications strategy. We believe in the role of planning in delivering excellent strategy.

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