Troubador Hooked on Selling

Released: 10/03/2017

eISBN: 9781788031530

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Hooked on Selling

Sales Skills Unwrapped


Every now and again a book comes along with that rare combination of factors that make it something not to be missed. 'Hooked on Selling', based upon the writer's extensive work with sales professionals, entertainingly unwraps the skills and subtleties that distinguish the very best from the merely average.

Philip's training, lavished enthusiastically upon corporations of every size has won top accolades from many, hints of which may be seen on his website. The opportunity to learn from his authority and expertise is something every sales professional of whatever experience can justly relish.

You will discover new insight into how to build rapport, how to win trust and how to unlock your customer's motivational code and then present the most persuasive case to buy. What are the skills unwrapped in handling apathy or allegiance to a competitor? What is the vital requisite for every customer before agreeing to commitment? What are the intriguing advanced behaviours that set apart the top sales professionals? 'Hooked On Selling' reveals the answers with an enthusiasm that embraces the reader.

Inspiring, enjoyable and replete with insight based upon a consultative, truly professional approach. Do not read this if you do not aspire to these standards. This is that rare commodity - quality writing matched by quality content - a Beethoven standing out in a sea of offerings for the mass market: a gloriously crafted exposition of selling expertise ideally read in conjunction with its highly recommended sister book 'Hooked on Negotiating'. An experience not be missed!

'Exactly what the preview said, an outstandingly helpful insight into professional selling. Exceptionally well written. I would recommend this book for experienced as much as for inexperienced sales people.'

by Ralph

Philip St Lawrence

Philip St Lawrence has worked with over 200 corporations from minnows to FTSE 100 multi-nationals and wins numerous plaudits for his inspiring presentations ( He relates this experience through his business self-help books. His talent as a writer and passion for English prose also manifests itself powerfully in his thought provoking, heartrending novel ‘Message from Joshua’. Raised in the Cotswolds Philip now lives in the New Forest, UK.

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