Troubador Hooked on Negotiating

Released: 10/03/2017

eISBN: 9781788031813

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Hooked on Negotiating

7 Pillars of Negotiation Success


'Hooked on Negotiating' is based upon Philip's extensive experience in presenting negotiation skills training to both British and international teams. Participant feedback regularly rate his Courses as second to none - typical examples may be seen on his website. In this highly readable exposition on this intriguing subject, he brings many of the skills to life in a way that is richly entertaining, observant and fast moving!

Bringing an obvious passion to his subject, Philip unwraps and explains the '7 Pillars of Negotiation Success' revealing to the reader an enlightening insight into the real art of negotiating. From the crucial elements of preparation to the skills in managing the face to face interaction, the book unravels those behaviours that are the cornerstone of negotiating expertise. As the 7 Pillars are expounded upon, each conclude with 3 Key Action Points making this into an outstanding tool for all involved in negotiating - regardless of experience.

Regularly citing examples from the world of politics, current affairs and most importantly of sales, this is an extremely enjoyable read not to be missed! As with all Philip's books it is thought provoking and wittily written: ideal reading on a plane, or anywhere the reader desires something both absorbing and hugely helpful - especially so when read in conjunction with its sister book 'Hooked on Selling'.

After reading Hooked on Selling I was keen to read this too. I was not disappointed. It kept the same very readable style of writing but at the same time is a seriously helpful book on how to negotiate. A terrific read!

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Philip St Lawrence

Philip St Lawrence has worked with over 200 corporations from minnows to FTSE 100 multi-nationals and wins numerous plaudits for his inspiring presentations ( He relates this experience through his business self-help books. His talent as a writer and passion for English prose also manifests itself powerfully in his thought provoking, heartrending novel ‘Message from Joshua’. Raised in the Cotswolds Philip now lives in the New Forest, UK.

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