Troubador Hidden Treasure

Released: 09/12/2013

eISBN: 9781783067190

Format: eBook

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Hidden Treasure

The adventure starts here


Hidden Treasure sets you on a learning journey that will enable you to build the skills and confidence required to create truly effective teams. This is an antidote to text books. It is a student's dream, a manager's invaluable accomplice, it offers learning made easy. The story tumbles you into a sports stadium filled with 40,000 screaming fans and a school playground where the stars are arguably a lizard and a purple fountain. It explains the story behind the newspaper headline A MARTIAN ATE MY GRANNY and the mystery of who bugged the conference room. The author's optimism about human capability is based on observed experience as a developer of people managers. Many exceptional leaders are simply ordinary people behaving exceptionally, what makes them exceptional is their ability to get ordinary people to behave exceptionally! This book is saying ' you can do it' and 'here's how'.

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