Troubador Fundraising and Zombies: A Guide to Charity Management

Released: 28/11/2017

ISBN: 9781788033671

Format: Paperback

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Fundraising and Zombies: A Guide to Charity Management


‘Fundraising and Zombies’ rips the lid off the ‘zombie’ phenomena in charities. Why do so many charities underperform? Why do they get into such trouble? And why do charities constantly fail to deal with the zombies stalking their corridors at all levels? How can you deal with these people, and through this how can that significantly enhance your career; give personal satisfaction at work and lead to others regarding you as a superhero. Has your career been blighted by an appallingly behaved manager or co-workers? Indeed, right at the top, the Chair of your Board or your CEO could be a zombie affecting the performance of the whole organisation and letting down your beneficiaries.

This book shows you not only how to defeat zombies, by either reforming them or facing up to the task of getting rid of them; but it will also help you deal with vampires and details the steps in the journey you can take in becoming a superhero. Whether you are thinking of joining the staff of a charity, or battling the undead within your current workplace, this book will give you the skills you need to survive and prosper.

Written from the perspective of a lifelong fundraiser, charity aficionado and now head of the International Fundraising Consultancy this is an insider’s privileged view of the pitfalls and heroics of life in some of our best loved charities. Real life anecdotes are examined and the problems they caused revealed, with solutions and expert advice clearly set out.

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John Baguley

John is Chair of the International Fundraising Consultancy, author of “The Globalization of Non-Governmental Organisations”, a Fellow of the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) and an international speaker on fundraising. He has also started First Fridays, Top Table and Wikifund. In 2017 John received a lifetime Contribution Award from the IoF.

John Baguley

John Baguley
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