Troubador Fearless Leadership

Released: 28/02/2017

eISBN: 9781788031561

Format: eBook

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Fearless Leadership

Unlock success using the secrets of the brain


Fearless Leadership aims to improve leadership and personal effectiveness in any workplace. Drawing on over 10 years of research and work on leadership, Richard M Varey has cultivated a model, ‘The Fearless Approach’, which urges leaders to create a fear-free culture and atmosphere within their organisations to allow individuals to flourish. 

He explains how a fearless approach can be used to raise the capacity of others, and also why it achieves this. Supported by evolutionary biology, neuro-psychology theories and a wealth of case studies of successful businesses and leaders, Richard argues that the key to developing fearlessness in the workplace has three dimensions; relationships, resilience and excellence which are represented by the fearless cube. Those three dimensions are in turn dependent on 20 separate business and leadership skills. The book explores each of the 20 individual skills and allows readers to evaluate their existing behavioural traits against these using diagnostic tools, thus identifying areas needing improvement and offers practical methods to better these skills. 

Fearless Leadership is littered with anecdotes from the worlds of sport and the armed forces, and will appeal to readers of Steve Peters, Carol Dweck and Malcolm Gladwell and to those interested in business management, leadership and popular psychology.

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