Troubador Entrepreneurs Succeed with Us

Released: 01/08/2013

eISBN: 9781783067961

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Entrepreneurs Succeed with Us

Creating high performance business


This book provides entrepreneurs with highly readable principles and actions which convert readily into increased business performance and profits. Written by a team of practical, experienced business people, it provides genuine value in helping achieve long term goals of expansion or exit. What distinguished us from others in our field? Many of us are, or have been, entrepreneurs ourselves and have done what you do; led, managed, developed and sold businesses.

Entrepreneurs Succeed with Us addresses a range of key issues that face all entrepreneurs at some point in their business. It examines the health of a company and helps re-examine both the company mission and the owner’s personal vision for the future. It also identifies alternatives to banks for financing the business, improvements that can be made to marketing to kick-start growth and the best strategies for a successful exit to your retirement plan. The book also explains how developing a growth mindset is vital to any company’s future success, as is avoiding many of the pitfalls in developing ICT systems and complying with employment and other laws.

Alan Charlesworth, whose idea this book was, says: “Despite significant progress, entrepreneurs often face obstacles when realising the potential of their business. Our aim is to share lessons learned in a practical handbook to enable them to succeed and grow. It helps them re-define their personal and company vision and develop a strategy for their achievement.” Readers who will most benefit from Entrepreneurs Succeed with Us include CEOs, who may be frustrated with the lack of fulfilment of their dreams.

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Alan Charlesworth and Friends

Alan’s business, and his passion, is helping entrepreneurs to create a high performance business. His experience with multinationals such as Johnson & Johnson, in CEO roles including Mintel International, now a transatlantic Super Brand and on consultancy projects provides a strong platform to help them achieve new levels of performance.

Alan Charlesworth

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