Troubador Ecolism 1 & 2

Released: 28/11/2018

ISBN: 9781788039154

Format: Paperback

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Ecolism 1 & 2

My Utopian Eco-city & Eco-Socio-Economic System


Do you want to live in a better socio-economic system unaffected by global economic turmoil? 
Do you want to build eco-cities to end poverty, save billions on public spending and reduce cO2, N2O and other pollutants to 0%? 
Would you like to live self-sufficient in a sustainable ethical society and own an eco-home that becomes your space for survival?

Ecolism Volume 1 is one of four small volumes proposing eco-solutions. It aims to solve most problems in most socio-economic systems. Henri E. Maalouf creates a framework of a social and economic system to complement a utopian Eco-city. 

The concept is to create protective bubbles for societies. In this volume, an eco-city is created to protect societies from any global economic turmoil. It proposes ideas which would offer people a decent standard of living. He suggests that it must be a compulsory human right for each couple older than sixteen to own an eco-home and the government pay the interest on their mortgage until the social welfare system find them a job to repay the loan. 

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