Troubador Digital Insights 2020

Released: 28/05/2014

ISBN: 9781783064731

eISBN: 9781784626730

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Digital Insights 2020

How the Digital Technology Revolution is Changing Business and All Our Lives


From the author of the ground-breaking and landmark books e-shock 2000, Strategy in Crisis and Streamlining, comes this breakthrough new work looking at the future of the digital age. Digital Insights 2020 examines how the rapidly developing technology revolution is changing the way businesses must operate in this unfolding 21st century. It also considers the impact on people and how our daily lives and lifestyles will change… forever. Included is a blueprint and roadmap showing how companies can navigate their way through the rapidly changing environment and still emerge as winners. Our computer world of point-and-click is morphing into ‘Think’, ‘Talk’ and ‘Move’, where just thought, voice and simple remote gestures will control 3D holographic displays of data, content and video. Companies will need to reinvent themselves as MCEs (multi-channel enterprises), in which there is seamless cross-channel interaction with customers and they will also need to change the way their operating systems and processes are organised. Most every business in most every sector will need to manage its way through significant ‘digital transformation’. New advances in the Cloud will cut costs and time to market and challenge decades of IT infrastructure. Technology generally is now becoming the key source of enablement and competitive advantage. Written by someone on the ‘front line of digital’, this book is essential for anyone looking to take advantage of the digital world to increase revenues and profits.

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Michael  De Kare–Silver

Digital Insights 2020

Michael de Kare-Silver is a leading advisor in the digital, e-commerce and mobile arena, identifying opportunities for technology-enabled change and business growth through new strategies, go-to-market plans and team-building. He has been a senior board director for a number of leading companies: from main board at FTSE 100 company GUS plc, heading up, Experian and Burberry online through to successful start-ups and He has also been MD at major digital technology marketing agencies Digitas and AKQA, delivering innovative solutions for global brands. Today, Michael runs his own firm, which provides specialist advisory, consultancy and team-building support across Europe and North America, helping organizations map out their digital strategy, capture the growing multi-channel opportunity and then hire and build the best teams to deliver that.

Michael de Kare-Silver: Digital Insights 2020
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