Troubador Clouds Below The Mountain

Released: 14/10/2015

eISBN: 9781785894558

Format: eBook

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Clouds Below The Mountain


Are other people really having a lovely time on holiday or do they just look like they are, whilst you're in the middle of a row with your partner? This is a fly on the wall story about the lives of guests at the Hotel Valia, a small All Inclusive complex with a backdrop of mountains in Costa Adeje, Tenerife.

Lucy Bromwich is the hotel rep. She has a bubbly personality, she’s a good listener and enjoys her job, except for her pernickety supervisor Kath, who seems determined to make her life difficult.

Amongst the guests who arrive at the Reina Sofia Airport is Paul Cooper, a hardworking car salesman, on holiday with his adored wife Cheryl and their two children, Annabelle and Jack. Paul will do anything to keep his family happy, even if it means going into debt for them, just as long as he can bask in the warmth of his wife's smile. Used to getting her own way, Cheryl manipulates her husband into granting her every whim… but is their marriage strong enough to withstand a hefty purchase that goes wrong?

Another guest, Greg Lewis boards the coach with his family, for the journey to the Hotel Valia. A successful man in his fifties, he owns a manufacturing business. He has been married to Kate for thirty years. This holiday gives him time to reflect on his life and the staleness of his relationship with his wife. Kate Lewis is a housewife and grandmother to three-year-old Evan, who the couple have brought with them on holiday, along with Sonya, their daughter who’s a single mum.

What will happen at the Hotel Valia, and will everyone still be friends at the end of the week?

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Vivienne Dockerty

I previously lived on the Wirral, Merseyside and have been inspired to write historical sagas based on various members of my ancestry who lived in the area. Now living in Greater Manchester I enjoy meeting people at the various events I attend to sell my books. My latest book A Deceitful Man, set in Bolton, is selling very well.


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