Troubador Catching the FinTech Wave

Released: 28/10/2017

eISBN: 9781788031998

Format: eBook

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Catching the FinTech Wave

How to adopt FinTech and Transform Your Financial Planning Business


From risk profiling to robo-advice, the use of FinTech in financial planning is on the agenda of every financial services boardroom - whether you run an independent financial adviser, a wealth manager or a financial institution. The UK is finally reaching a tipping point as customers, advisers, government, the regulator and technology providers all align to take the industry forward into a digital future and no one wants to be left behind. Catching the FinTech Wave is for senior executives in financial services and advice firms charged with evaluating or implementing technology for financial advice and planning. It helps you practically address the five big challenges that FinTech brings and avoid being dumped by the wave as it crashes across the industry. Based on best practice and illustrated by more than 60 individually listed resources including the latest regulatory guidance, it shows step-by-step how to successfully catch the FinTech wave as it grows and swells and how to benefit from the vast opportunities it brings including: • Massively growing your firm’s productivity • Transforming access to your advice • Retaining and growing customers who will be delighted to pay your fees, and • Reducing your compliance risk. Written by Ben Goss, cofounder of the UK’s first online adviser during the dotcom boom which advised over 1,000 customers a day at its height and CEO of DT one of the industry’s leading FinTech financial planning players today. DT supports over 7,000 advisers, 120 asset managers and many billions of pounds of investment recommendations annually. Ben has been widely quoted in the press including the Times, the Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph, FT Adviser, Citywire and Money Marketing.

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