Troubador Business To Go

Released: 01/08/2012

ISBN: 9781780882291

Format: Hardback

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Business To Go

Simple ideas to takeaway


Business To Go – Simple Ideas To Take-away is designed for today’s time-poor, overloaded entrepreneurs who will find this pragmatic, no-nonsense book an invaluable, quick reference guide to better business practice.

Building a successful business is about keeping it simple, finding out what works and minimising unforced errors. This practical guide will provide a range of original, proven ideas drawn from the author’s 30 years of leadership experience.

Business To Go will stimulate your thinking when you’re stuck or just need re-assurance that you’re making the right call. Written in a direct, concise style, with quirky typography and illustrations, it will appeal to ambitious executives with big plans who don’t have cash to throw around. The friendly format lets you dip in according to what you need to know right now, and the ideas it contains are simple to take-away, adapt and apply.

Business To Go – Simple Ideas To Take-away presents original ideas rather than business school rhetoric – the content really works and, importantly, can be easily implemented in your business.

Rather than giving a garden of info with all the weeds that come with it, the writer gives you seeds and instructions. A little short but definitely the kind of book you will keep to dip into again. His experience from mentoring other executives is fascinating and well explained to set this book apart from others in its genre.

by Mark Adler

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