Troubador Building the 2020 Digital team

Released: 28/02/2016

ISBN: 9781785891625

Format: Paperback

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Building the 2020 Digital team


How should companies build out their Digital teams, what should be the organisation design and structure that can drive success over the next 5 years? What skills and leadership is required? Should Digital be “integrated”, embedded across and into all parts of the organisation, or does it need to be acknowledged as a specialist set of skills and expertise which needs to be nurtured and encouraged? As Digital insight and innovation becomes the major source of revenue growth so most every company is now considering how best to organise and structure to exploit the new Technology-led opportunities. And it’s not easy to do because this whole new Digital world is new and fast-moving and pioneering and there’s no established or fully proven organisation models to simply adopt and embrace. Companies need to look to their customers, their own state of Digital readiness and maturity and work through step-by-step their evolving organisation design to make them fit for purpose for the end of this decade.This book provides a blueprint and guide through case study and best practices to help drive that winning formula.

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Michael  De Kare–Silver

Digital Insights 2020

Michael de Kare-Silver is a leading advisor in the digital, e-commerce and mobile arena, identifying opportunities for technology-enabled change and business growth through new strategies, go-to-market plans and team-building. He has been a senior board director for a number of leading companies: from main board at FTSE 100 company GUS plc, heading up, Experian and Burberry online through to successful start-ups and He has also been MD at major digital technology marketing agencies Digitas and AKQA, delivering innovative solutions for global brands. Today, Michael runs his own firm, which provides specialist advisory, consultancy and team-building support across Europe and North America, helping organizations map out their digital strategy, capture the growing multi-channel opportunity and then hire and build the best teams to deliver that.

Michael de Kare-Silver: Digital Insights 2020
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