Troubador Beware Casual Leaders

Released: 28/07/2019

ISBN: 9781838590727

Format: Paperback

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Beware Casual Leaders

Leadership Matters


Even from the start of my career I was shocked by some of the management behaviours and Leadership styles that I experienced and observed in business. I soon came to conclude 4 rules that helped me to understand what I saw and guided me to develop my own leadership methods.

• Andy Rule#1
If something is wrong in a business culture, you never have to look far from the top – the CEO.
• Andy Rule #2
Most companies are far too casual about their employees. Their managers and directors do not value them and spend little time trying to maximise their potential – they only pay lip service to any claim that people are their most important asset.
• Andy Rule #3
You can have the worst job in the world, but a good boss will make it a great job.
• Andy Rule #4
No company spends significant time on selecting the right people to be leaders or on developing a leadership style.
As my career progressed, I found that these rules were universal truths regardless of the size of company or marketplace in which they operated. I saw the waste of individual’s talent, the frustration of peoples potential, and organisational cultures that were not just ineffective but could be harmful too.

But I was fortunate also to meet and be managed by good leaders who made work fulfilling and got the best out of all the people around them. This was largely due to their own self-awareness and highly developed emotional and social intelligence. I hope to pay tribute to the best managers I have encountered.

In this book I aim to give practical advice on why managers behave as they do and what you can do about it. It is both a self-development tool, so that you can become the best leader you can be, and a survival guide on how to cope with some of the individuals that you will need to work with.

It is a book packed with real life stories and examples. And if nothing else will make you smile at some of the most outlandish behaviours that some managers think is acceptable behaviour. A good sense of humour is your best ally in these circumstances!

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