Troubador Beware Casual Leaders

Released: 28/07/2019

eISBN: 9781838599928

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Beware Casual Leaders

Leadership Matters


Beware Casual Leaders – they leave casualties wherever they go!

Leadership is about competency and character. A bad apple really does spoil the barrel. When leaders are not made of the right stuff their poor behaviours impact on everything and everyone.

Cut through the corporate b*llsh*t. Many organisations are sabotaged from the inside. Their biggest threat is not from competitors but from themselves. Performance is worse, staff become disengaged and their potential is frittered away. All because organisations select the wrong people to lead and then do not train them.

Easy to read and packed full of real life stories, this book shows who makes a good leader of an engaged organisation – and why some people will never make it.

Feeling unappreciated and devalued at work?
Having problems with your Boss?
Suffered from bullying or mean behaviours?
Wandered why some colleagues can be so unreasonable?
Want to be engaged and work in a positive environment?

All these questions, and more, are addressed in a new book Beware Casual Leaders to be published by Matador in Summer 2019.
The managing partner of SF Marketing, Andy Portsmouth, has drawn on his extensive knowledge of organisations over a 35 year career to write a practical guide on understanding behaviours in the workplace.
Beware Casual Leaders is his first book and is packed full of true life stories of some of the best and worst behaviours he has observed in his career. Andy takes practical psychological theories and makes sense of the nonsense that people suffer from the behaviours of managers and colleagues. He does not believe you should be a victim of others. And he shows how you can be a Leader yourself even if you do not have people reporting into you.
You can be the example to others.
Importantly this is not an academic book and is written in an easy and humorous style as a self-help guide to making your work experience as enjoyable and as motivating as you can.
This is a subject close to my heart. I cannot believe just how much talent of individuals and potential of organisations is wasted by poor behaviours from the CEO down. Work should be fulfilling and fun. It's all about creating Trust, he says.

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Andy Portsmouth

In a career spanning more than 35 years I have worked for some of the UK and Europe's largest multi-national companies. Starting as a graduate I progressed to positions as a Director on both Operating Boards and Local Markets and have latterly provided advice as a Strategic Marketing Consultant. My experience has been gained in a variety of markets including: retail, branded packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, construction, leisure and hospitality.

Andy Portsmouth

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