Troubador Architects Know What Managers Don't

Released: 24/04/2013

eISBN: 9780957519923

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Architects Know What Managers Don't

Business Architecture for Dynamic Market


This book combines visionary and  pragmatic approaches. It challenges the status quo of traditional business practice and offers a consistent model of Business Architecture (BusArch) based on alternative reasoning and innovations in business structure and methods.

The uncommon idea that the author starts with is a separation between the BusArch subject and discipline. Without the definition of the subject, it’s hardly possible to justify whether Business Architects do the right job. Furthermore, the book distinguishes a paradigm of  BusArch  from its implementations. It also shows that several alternative implementations can realise the same functional-informational models of BusArch. Defining particular BusArch subject, the author detects enterprise elements that influence BusArch and those that are influenced.  As a result, a precise BusArch discipline is described.

The book comprises four parts and starts with the fundamental shift from process- to service-centric vision on what an enterprise does in order to exist, to produce the revenue via meeting customer demand. The author demonstrates that to compete in a highly dynamic external environment, enterprises have to be adequately flexible internally.  It’s almost impossible to achieve business flexibility via processes-centric organisational models while business services provide this capability.

The book argues that the only business model adequate to dynamic market is the one based on a combination of services orientation and value networks – outside and inside the enterprise. The book offers related business principles for organisational and operational business models, defines related corporate service-oriented culture and service-centric technology organisation.

The book discusses methods of architectural practice and numerous consequences of functional service-oriented BusArch. This embraces service-based business collaboration, new model of corporate technology, business risks of Cloud outsourcing, methods for business requirements analysis and examples of Business Architecture implementation.

This book is for Business and Business-oriented Architects and Managers. Supporting materials may be found on  

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