Troubador Wally and Zizza's Amazing Journey

Released: 28/11/2018

ISBN: 9781789014716

Format: Paperback

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Wally and Zizza's Amazing Journey

A Vanrenen Saga


Everybody has a story, but nobody’s story is quite like Wally and Zizza’s. Told by their son now they have passed, Wally and Zizza’s Amazing Journey is more than a family history, exploring the dramatic twentieth century through the lens of his parents. Through wars, emigration and exploration, the couple took on the world together, searching for new discoveries in both outer and inner landscapes.

They lived on four continents, met with great teachers, dealt with wars and passed on lessons to their children. All of this astounding adventure is illustrated throughout by the extensive use of documents and photographs Louis shares, along with personal recollections and historical research. 

Told with humour and great affection, Wally and Zizza’s Amazing Journey chronicles the laughs, the lows and every little and large moment that made up a spectacular life. Readers who enjoy road stories, as well as a detailed look at the events of the twentieth century, will delight in a story that examines history through an intrepid couple’s eyes - and perhaps inspire a change in perspective for those open to it. 

Louis is excited to announce his most recent publication, Wally and Zizza's Amazing Journey, the story of his parents adventures on four continents, including Africa and India. They traversed the twentieth century with gusto and charm, also experiencing the horrors of wars and profound social changes. An unusual book that will appeal to many, it is more than a family history, and is enlivened with remarkable photographs and a insightful texts that traverses the planet and the twentieth century, touching on British history, family, war, politics, hope and courage.

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Louis Vanrenen

Louis Vanrenen is a health professional specializing in chronic pain and acupuncture. He has his home and office in Pembroke, MA, USA, just south of Boston, a lovey area of farms, suburbs and beaches. Louis is also a professional writer and poet, and had released several books. On his time off from work he explores with Lorraine, his partner, mountains, forests and jungles. His most recent book explores his parents life, a most unusual story.

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