Troubador Voice Behind the Mask

Released: 28/08/2016

eISBN: 9781785896415

Format: eBook

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Voice Behind the Mask


Voice Behind the Mask gives a fascinating insight into a doctor’s dedication, ambition, challenges, achievements, betrayal and revenge... This memoir reveals unbelievable, defying-all-odds cases and thrilling events that challenge the medical norm. Share an unforgettable journey with George, as he recalls his experiences from his forty-five-year medical career. From having to make split-second decisions to being forced to use drastic measures in order to save lives. Discover some of the most extraordinary and fascinating cases he has encountered during his time spent practising anaesthesia and intensive care medicine in Britain, the United States and the Middle East. Over the years, George has encountered nearly every situation you can imagine – and some that you couldn’t! Some of the stories are shockingly tragic, hair-raising and profoundly compelling, including George’s own harrowing experience with death. Others are hilariously funny and fascinating, such as tales from the time George spent treating the Saudi Arabian royal family, to his dealing with the most bizarre and funniest cases whilst working in the United States as an instructor in anaesthesia at Harvard University, Massachusetts. He has worked with, and been witness to, those who have inspired him to become the best doctor he could be – but what made him decide to finally hang up his stethoscope? Voice Behind the Mask is a riveting memoir and a must-read with wide appeal.

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