Troubador Voice Behind the Mask

Released: 28/08/2016

ISBN: 9781785893032

eISBN: 9781785896415

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Voice Behind the Mask


Voice Behind the Mask gives a fascinating insight into a doctor’s dedication, ambition, challenges, achievements, betrayal and revenge... This memoir reveals unbelievable, defying-all-odds cases and thrilling events that challenge the medical norm. Share an unforgettable journey with George, as he recalls his experiences from his forty-five-year medical career. From having to make split-second decisions to being forced to use drastic measures in order to save lives. Discover some of the most extraordinary and fascinating cases he has encountered during his time spent practising anaesthesia and intensive care medicine in Britain, the United States and the Middle East. Over the years, George has encountered nearly every situation you can imagine – and some that you couldn’t! Some of the stories are shockingly tragic, hair-raising and profoundly compelling, including George’s own harrowing experience with death. Others are hilariously funny and fascinating, such as tales from the time George spent treating the Saudi Arabian royal family, to his dealing with the most bizarre and funniest cases whilst working in the United States as an instructor in anaesthesia at Harvard University, Massachusetts. He has worked with, and been witness to, those who have inspired him to become the best doctor he could be – but what made him decide to finally hang up his stethoscope? Voice Behind the Mask is a riveting memoir and a must-read with wide appeal.

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As one of George´s close colleagues during his time in Jeddah I was familiar with his talent for story-telling. The now published book exceeded my expectations both as a personal testament and as a book of tales of the trials, tribulations and of course rewards of being an anaesthetist. Anaesthesia is a specialty hidden in the closed world of the Operating and Emergency hospital departments. George has succeeded in putting together a story that is both entertaining, informative and easy to read.

by Paul Grattidge

I loved this book - I could not put it down - an incredible journey both emotionally and geographically through an obviously gifted anaesthetists career -- moments of hilarity combined with stories of utter disbelief - the book beautifully showcases George's amazing personality - having been fortunate enough to have worked ( as a dentist ) with George in the twilight of his career, I know that only he could have ended up in some of the weird and wonderful situations that he did - and the MD, a wonderful ending to a fantastic clinicians career.

by Mark Hanlon

A part from enjoying Dr. Lahoud’s vivid writing, George took me back to the good old times of which we spent together in Liverpool. More importantly, however, this book holds great captivating qualities.

Not to say the least, the author’s engaging writing accurately reflects his rich and exciting life. Moreover, the book offers a rare account of the life of a professional engaged in one of the most challenging jobs there are. The insights offered into the anaesthesist profession is not only detailed and informative, but also very much thrilling as George’s colourful accounts of the live action of the emergency situations facing him creates great suspense. This, together with the books entertaining comic relief, generates great enjoyment for the reader. Hopefully this book, a part from being truly amusing, will serve to generate more interest for the exciting profession that is anaesthesia.

Haggag, a dear friend and colleague

by Haggag

An interesting and informative account of the 45 year career in a doctor's life. The reader is transported from the World of Surgery where Life and Death decisions must often be taken on the spur of the moment. However, there are more frivolous incidents as indeed we laugh and cry with George when he conjures up 'Doctor in the House' situations such as the burning of another doctor's 'huge nose' and the 'sticky' situation of the frog experiment culminating in the total demise of his mother's best saucepan! This is the autobiography of a lovably cheeky and clever doctor who is not afraid to defy authority in order to save a patient's life. It is said that an autobiography by a relatively unknown author is of no interest to the reading public unless it has that special 'something' which makes it very interesting indeed! George Lahoud has certainly fulfilled that criteria.

by Lucie Mansfield

What a brilliant book I always knew it would be George on the medical side dedication and fun in social side. I took my time reading the book because I wanted to enjoy and remember the stories, it brought back happy memories as friends in Liverpool, Warri ngton etc.. I must say you have a way of telling stories and your a good listener and this has shown in your book. Fantastic George as you said in your interviews on Radio you had great support from Pat. This is a must read.

by Oriel

I would like to start off by saying how exceptional this book was to read, not only was it entertaining but educational as well. I loved how well detailed each new medical case was that the main character came across. It goes to prove you never know what is going to happen next. The book kept me wanting to see where the doctor was going to be heading next in his journey. It was well written in the state of medical terms and the proper use for them as well. I would greatly recommend this book to anyone who is halfway interested in the medical field. I also would like to read the next book this author writes!

by Katie Reed

I know it may be corny or cliche to think that this book is for lovers of Grey's Anatomy and ER, but it's true. Similar to the life of doctors on these shows, this books provides an "inside look" as a world/life we're all curious about.

by Kensley Lewis (via NetGalley)

George Lahoud


George is now a retired consultant anaesthetist and intensivist with over forty-five years of extensive experience in his field.He mainly worked in the NHS hospitals in Britain. Furthermore, he spent several years working overseas, mainly in Scandinavia, the Middle East and the States.George was an instructor in anaesthesia at Harvard University. During his work at King Fahad armed forces hospital in Jeddah,he treated the Saudi royals and was assigned as a personal physician to the late King Fahad.He is well recognised for his pioneer work in conscious sedation for children as a safer alternative to general anaesthesia and has published several major original publications in British and European medical journals. George was awarded the highest accolade in medicine,Doctorate of Medicine degree (MD) from the University of Leeds in 2006. He lives with his wife in Scarborough, North East Coast of England.He enjoys writing fiction and likes travelling, oil painting and gourmet cooking (when in the mood).

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