Troubador Ubuntu

Released: 28/11/2016

ISBN: 9781785898457

Format: Paperback

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My Life in Other People


Ubuntu – My Life in Other People is a memoir that flows, engages and weaves between reminiscence, memory, social context, political statement, sublime moments of the human spirit, and a kaleidoscope of other peoples memories. It weaves together all these elements in a seamless way. As well as being a personal testimony it is also a social history of the latter part of the twentieth century and the early twenty –first century.

Book Launch of Ubuntu - My Life in Other People at the Novalis Ubuntu Institute in Cape Town, South Africa, on the 21st March, 2017

An extraordinary honest and easy to read account of the journey of Hazel Carey's fascinating Life.
Ubuntu. My Life in Other People demonstrates the various lives Hazel has touched with her gentleness, curiosity and capacity for love. It is clear from this book Hazel too has benefitted from the lives that have touched hers.
A contemporary example of a strong and compassionate woman who has worked for Change and succeeded.
A joy to read and I would highly recommend it

by Madeleine Cunningham

Hazel Carey

Hazel Carey was born in Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal. In 1956 she arrived in England, as an eighteen year old mixed race young woman, and has lived in London ever since. is is the story of how the Apartheid System in South Africa a ected her, and how through a life quest to discover her innate inheritance she found an inclusive worldview through the philosophy of Ubuntu.

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