Troubador The Rabbi in the Green Jacket

Released: 28/11/2015

eISBN: 9781785894909

Format: eBook

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The Rabbi in the Green Jacket

Memories of Jewish Buckinghamshire, 1939 – 1945


September 1939 Britain declares war against Nazi Germany. Jewish refugees, some lone children, make a desperate bid for freedom. Many never see their families again. The few that make it to Britain find new danger, bombing. They join the exodus of evacuees, including British-born Jews, to the relative safety of the countryside. It is a heart-pounding uncertain escape. Hitler is likely to invade Britain, and bring about their final destruction. Yet the survival instinct allows continuation of day-to-day living in the hope there is a safe future. Buckinghamshire, with direct trains to London, is ideal for commuters. Jewish residents are quick to do everything they can for Britain. Contributors are historians Professor David Cesarani and Yanky Fachler. Wartime residents include; Professor Alice Shalvi, (social activist) Brian Tesler (former head of London Weekend Television), and the Italian Rosselli sisters, whose father and uncle were murdered by fascists, and lived in Buckinghamshire with writer, Amelia Pincherle Rosselli. Research and interviews uncover a rabbi, like a symbol of hope, energy and life, wearing a green jacket and riding a motorbike, but who is the mysterious rabbi in the green jacket?

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