Troubador The Mill in the Schwaig

Released: 28/08/2021

ISBN: 9781800463462

Format: Paperback

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The Mill in the Schwaig

A Story of God’s Faithfulness and Grace Over Many Years in the Lives of Lilian and Robert Schunneman


It’s 1929, and a man is born in America and a woman in England. They are destined to meet but how will this happen? Each grows up, developing a strong Christian faith and hearing a real calling from God to work with children. They train for Christian ministry and in 1956 their paths cross in Ireland where they are both working. They fall in love and together begin to realise that Salzburg in Austria is where they might support a ministry to orphan children.

Lilian and Robert Schunneman marry, and together with others, not only look after orphans, but physically build them a home. A disused 400-year-old farmhouse is purchased, and together with helpers they carry out a major renovation project. It takes years of hard work but the Schwaigmüle becomes a beautiful home. This is God’s love in action.

Life changes and hard decisions are made affecting this couple but their strong faith and vision never falters. The end is not as they expected but their work develops and flourishes.

This is a story of a couple devoted to each other and to God. They immerse themselves in a new language and culture so that others will feel valued and blessed. There are disappointments and discouragements, but there is also much fun and laughter. They find encouragements and blessings amidst the storms of life. Their legacy continues today.

Whether you have a personal faith commitment or not, you may just find yourself interested and surprised by their story.

Praise God for the empowering impact they had in my life. May all the read this book be inspired by their journey and story. God bless you as you bless others!

by Peter Coulson

An inspiring book about 2 inspiring people . What a privilege to have known them!
A great read - thank you!

Sandra Simpson

by Sandra Simpson

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